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Jordi Lund


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/12/11 10:10:35AM @soaring-eagle:

Snow White
07/07/10 03:01:09PM @matthew5:
Hey Adam, whats up brother. I grew up in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I lived in the city for a minute as well. I love Mr. Blotto. U going to Alpine? Hit me back, Laterz, Bonnie

Andrew Bet
06/17/10 10:25:21AM @devon:

Andrew Bet
06/17/10 10:24:24AM @devon:
Phish at the Blossom? Was that sick or what?

Hope Venning
05/27/10 03:16:44PM @melag:
Fuck yeah! I was pumped when they got back together, listened to their first 2009 show on my 20th birthday! The West Coast is pretty cool, but honestly? I miss the midwest. I REALLY miss KC, MO. But then, Oregon is pretty great too. People are kind of odd here, though, maybe because they're kind of stuck up since they're from the West Coast. (Don't get me wrong though! Plenty of great people here too!)If i make it back to the Midwest this summer, maybe. I'm going to try, but being pregnant puts a SERIOUS dent in my cash flow and travel-ability lol. If nothing else, I'll be at harvest fest on mulberry mountain in Arkansas, my favorite non-band specific festie :D

Andrew Bet
05/27/10 09:47:11AM @devon:
Hey I might see ya in OH for Phish!

Hope Venning
05/26/10 08:00:03PM @melag:
I guess so! I come from NE and MO, where it's common to find DeadHeads and PhishKids together. DH's out here apperently think that Phish is a sell out band trying steal the Dead's thunder. I say, carry on the spirit. (And the Dead sold out too... heard a Further show lately?) lol. Plus, if I hadn't listen to Phish when I was 12, I never would have fond the Dead. I can be grateful for that!I love everything from metal to jam band to folk to jazz to bluegrass. I don't see the need to pick only one. Seems kind of boring to me!I raged Lot in Indio. That was what brought me to the west coast in the first place! Pretty cool. You go to any none Phish festies?? I plan on hitting up several this summer.

Hope Venning
05/26/10 04:01:09PM @melag:
Haha, very cool. I dig phish, which appearently makes me a bad person on the west coast, being a dead head and all. Weird. Glad you can embrace the two. Thanks for the request! Loving you brother! Maybe w'll catch each other at a festie sometime :)

Tricia Calvin Jay
05/26/10 03:39:52PM @d:
woooooo helloooooo

Danielle Cacioppo
05/26/10 12:58:33PM @jesse-rose:
we're getting on in Hershey>>>>Canindagua. we've got 2 kids now so we're kikin it kid phriendly! got some old tour phriendz comin from CO with a school bus and there 4 kids and some pholks from PA with their 3 kids. Gettin the next generation ready(if they so choose,hehe) It will for sure be different then when we used to tour w/o kids, but it's gonna rock! we're heading up to fest in MA this weekend and then Mt jam next weekend. I guess I'll see you on tour!! (((H*U*G*S)))

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