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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: North Carolina
Country: UM


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Free Ride to the Show>

Free Ride to the Show>

8 years ago - Comments: 0
The March of Gibbles Army

The March of Gibbles Army

8 years ago - Comments: 0
Jump Off

Jump Off

8 years ago - Comments: 0
Pebbles and Marbles

Pebbles and Marbles

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1 month old
5 hour old Dread
Whole Lot
Warm Double Spiral Smock
Turquoise and Green
State Side Spiral
Slushie Red and Blue Spiral
Slightly Stoopid
Sideways Spiral Back
Sideways Spiral
Sideways Rainbow
Short Sleeve


oostan heimach
05/04/11 02:12:07PM @oostan-heimach:
takes strategy

oostan heimach
05/03/11 08:37:13PM @oostan-heimach:

nice.. took a lot of planning?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/03/11 05:46:05PM @soaring-eagle:


were still working on a tinty issue with the messaging but hope to have it figured out asap

but look at the sample shopsthen use the setup shop to request it installed ill set it up then u modify and configure it the way u want when ready ful out the list my shop and yoiur in business

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/03/11 05:22:43PM @soaring-eagle: u can get a free full featured shop and sell em online

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/02/11 09:15:01PM @soaring-eagle:
if u make tye dyes do u want to set up a free shop here?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/02/11 08:44:20PM @soaring-eagle:

yup any hair will dread naturaly just oily hairs slower

or if u mes with it alot ..some real fine slippery hair maybe resistent but straight hair dreadsa fine on its own

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/02/11 08:33:25PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome just let the rest dread naturally

Katie Cintron
12/10/10 04:34:06AM @anthony-j:

Hi! Well done for your forum posts sticking up for the crochet! I have found there is far too much dread bashing on this site, it's horrible, personally mine are crochet, the roots get done and it takes 2 hours every 3 months, but that is all the effort made, i got told how 'awesome' my hair is every day by total strangers. More power to us! And yes you are totally right, people do feel afraid to stick up for their method, it's a bit like, if you try you get the same shit slung at you that you see in every other post demeaning crochet dreads, it just annoys me so much that I try not to read it anymore! People are too quick to jump on the bandwagon and don't explore all the alternative methods that are out there. I see crochet dreads as an expression of self, mine are my art, maybe as are yours to you. Ok, ramble over! But yes, thanks and well done!

Nadya Papusa
11/08/09 04:32:05PM @ashley6:
congrats mama! you look stunning!im sorry to hear bout all that, we will have to talk at some point and catch up!so how are ur extentions going for?and how was hallboween and all that?! do u guys celebrate?im kinda sick again, but besides that im doing all righttalk to ya soon!!

Teresa Vellucci Bonlak
10/31/09 08:03:21PM @mikiboheme:
hey i think ive seen you before? were you on another dreadlock site? i was too but i forgot the passoword lol. where you the one who asked about how to put exentions in?

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