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dreadlocks shampoo
Jen Chorcoan


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/24/11 10:36:35AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome most likely the grimy stuff was exfoliated skin the baking dsoda exfoliates turning dead skin into a paste that needs to be rinsed off wekll if u make the baking soda stronger it will remove it better follow with the acv rinse too

tripple 7
03/08/10 01:42:14AM @amanda-turner:

Candy Lockamy
02/23/10 12:14:09AM @jess-randalsmith:
have you started growing your dreads yet? make sure to post pictures with your progress :)peace

ande hamilton
01/30/10 03:51:05PM @andanoldsuitcase:
looking for bronners? look at your local target they have it... dont just look in the shampoo section check the skin care section as well

Drew W
01/30/10 05:06:41AM @dimitri-vakhitov:
i dont know really :P but i palm roll them a lot and that probably helped...some on the dreads at the back that i cant palm roll are a bit wonky and not so rounded :)

Drew W
01/28/10 07:47:40AM @dimitri-vakhitov:
thanks for the add my friend :)

tripple 7
01/28/10 02:23:39AM @amanda-turner:
hahahah salaam brother i think im gonna go to bed

tripple 7
01/28/10 02:12:16AM @amanda-turner:
hahahah dnt be jealous hahaha i just added some more hahaha u need to have mp3s on u cpu cuz thts all this site takes haha then u just go to music, add music then find it on ur hard drive. and i suppose u roll nd twist them allot

tripple 7
01/28/10 02:03:28AM @amanda-turner:
how so? and i dont use wax its not something u need.

tripple 7
01/28/10 01:54:39AM @amanda-turner:
dont be nervous. just dedicated. its a journey. sometimes u just want it to happen faster or better but every dread will take its own pace and course. rejoice they are gonna be great.

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