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dreadlocks shampoo
Dimitri Vakhitov


Location: Poole
Country: GB


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/24/11 10:22:27AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome u dont wanna use products! just wash them there a washing guide in all the links to the left if u scroll down alot

Denny D
03/12/10 06:41:08PM @michael-cuevas:
thanks for accepting.... bless

Drew W
02/23/10 01:53:16PM @dimitri-vakhitov:
nice :)im gonna have to cut my dreads off soon for some personal reasons .... witch sucks !but im gonna redo them and i might go natural... but my hair grows really slowly...

Leslie Paco
02/23/10 11:08:55AM @godbear:
yes, it's going beautifully. i keep finding new ones everyday. (:

Marlon Moorer
02/21/10 08:11:24PM @elizabeth-mae-richter:
Thank you :)

Drew W
02/06/10 05:30:00PM @dimitri-vakhitov:
whats wakeskating :P ?i cant wait until next year because i will have my own snowboard and i will have much better control and speed with it than the crap ones i have to rent xD

Marie Nadine Pierre
02/06/10 12:14:33PM @rainbow-wannabe:
ive been like twice, SO MUCH fun. i never get snow wher i live but we do getta go wakeskating and thats sumwhat comparable to snowboarding hahahhaa but not as much fun

Marie Nadine Pierre
02/05/10 01:32:25PM @rainbow-wannabe:
thanks mate! dood i love your last name! hahahahahis there much snowboarding over in Greece?

dawit morales
02/03/10 02:31:26PM @isaac-b:
i live in PA for the current time. how about you?

dawit morales
02/01/10 11:40:06AM @isaac-b:
i am wonderful and how about you dear friend?

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