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Jeannie Coatney


Location: Fulton, MO
Zipcode: 65251
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/15/11 09:18:27PM @soaring-eagle:
:) thnx glad ya joined us

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/15/11 08:55:02PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome i would advise against twisting that can weaken the roots and cause other permenant issues but your only 2 weeks in so no harm done just stop twisting and youir fine

Sarah Prikryl
11/09/14 09:14:15AM @jeannie-coatney:

Namaste <3 my first go at selling the dread jewelry i make - i really hope some will stop by and <3 the items and generally give those pages some LOVE - here it is ------ http://

Sarah Prikryl
11/09/14 09:10:57AM @jeannie-coatney:

Sarah Prikryl
11/09/14 08:56:01AM @jeannie-coatney:

please allow me to introduce myself : i am Rev Amma Niradhara the Spiritual Mother & Director of Swami Anantram Ashram, Vegan, Yogini, Interfaitih Minister, Artist, Activist, Agnihotri & Granma Narmade Har! more about me on my site

Jennifer Stansberry
08/03/13 03:04:12AM @jennifer-stansberry:

Hey, SisterLove!

I don't have my RFG account anymore, but I've been thinking about you and thought I'd spam as many of your profiles with messages as I could before I lost you for good! Last I heard, you were in Ireland?

Love to you,

Voodoo Annie

mimi mi
03/15/12 07:12:30PM @mimi-mi:

Thank you for the add! I hope all is well for you. Take care, Shalom!

03/15/12 05:04:18PM @alfy:

Thanks for the add, Rev.Nira. Blessings to you on your life journey!

Mikal Hardin
11/16/09 11:54:38PM @benny:
Thanks for the friendship mama! I appreciate your beauty and knowledge! Thank you for sharing all of your divine wisdom with us:) It is very much appreciated!Hope to get to know you more!

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