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Root joining issue

user image 2013-07-11
By: Jaquie Farmer
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I'm having a seriously hard time keeping my dreads from joining at the roots. Anything I can do?
the Barrellady
07/12/13 08:29:04PM @the-barrellady:

jaquie, here is another way you can try to separate, although it sounds really stupid as I write this, it may work. If there is a stubborn one that you can't rip apart doing the the way Soaring Eagle said, using your wrist to hold it down, try putting your head against a wall or something, pressing down on one of the attached dreads, then with your hand hold the other one and try separating. Once they get nice and long it will be easier, but being shorter right now will make you real creative. all the best to you.....peace

Diego F.
07/11/13 10:36:33PM @diego-f:

i have problems to separate too because my dreads are too short. Sadly i damage my hair everytime i separate,and to me it is hard to separate them while wet.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/11/13 09:40:43PM @soaring-eagle:

ok i forgot your in the sdame boat im in i only have real use of 1 hand as well heres what i do

take 1 dread drape it over the top of your head grip it in your mouth or just press yoiur dead hand (assumimng the arm works) flat against the dread and scalp anchoring it down while pulling the other dread

Jaquie Farmer
07/11/13 08:35:27PM @jaquie-farmer:

Jaquie Farmer
07/11/13 08:35:17PM @jaquie-farmer:
And if I don't seperate them not at the roots, won't it keep growing out as one Congo?

Jaquie Farmer
07/11/13 08:34:33PM @jaquie-farmer:
Well they're starting to matte together forming this huge blob. It's about 2 inches of it connected to about 4 dreads. And I have a hard time pulling them apart because I only have use of one of my hands.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/11/13 08:32:06PM @soaring-eagle:

just seperate when wet they will be all tangled t thyge scalp its only when the joining extends up the body of the dreads that its an issue needing attention

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