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Jaquie Farmer


Location: Canton, GA
Zipcode: 30114
Country: US


Blogs: 9

Loving my naturals

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-09-08
I'm really wishing I would've gone 100% natural. The ones on top that are natural are my favorite!
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Update and a Question

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-07-24
As I've stated before, I had the under half of my hair TnRed and the top I left to go natural. My question/concern is (and it may be me just being paranoid but) where the natural hair meets the TnRs it seems to be matting flat down. I don't want my natural part to dread into the roots of my TnRs if that's even a possibility. The first picture shown has my natural hair pulled forward so you can see the matting/roots. The second picture is with it all down. I'm at a month and 2 weeks tomorrow.
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Root joining issue

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-07-11
I'm having a seriously hard time keeping my dreads from joining at the roots. Anything I can do?
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Should I be worried about these?

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-07-11
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By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-07-09
About 3 weeks ago, I did the twist and rip method to the underside of my hair. I left the top half to dread naturally. Since then, my hair has probably grown out about an inch and the inch of roots I left undreaded are now about 2 inches (obviously, I know). My question is about separating the roots. It seems as if the dreads are still separated but at the roots I can't distinguish one from another. I was wondering if this is a problem because as I've tried to pull it apart so that each individual dread goes all the way to the root I just can't seem to get it completely to the scalp.
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Wrapping T

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-07-01
I have a few twist and rip baby dreads that are a little over a week old. I know I've read that you can do a criss cross wrap with them and its fine. But I was wondering if completely wrapping them is bad?
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Windows Down

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-06-22
Loving being able to have the windows down without worrying about my hair getting tangly. Now, I can actually benefit from it. Yay.
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Day 1 Organic

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-06-19
I want to make sure I document this journey very meticulously. I'm really looking forward to not only the outward changes in myself, but the inward as well. So here's to day 1 of my dread journey. Any and all tips are welcome. <3
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