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my bald conclusion on wax

By Jake, 2010-08-09
...WAX IS BAD (in my opinion)...wax is a sticky icky nasty substance i sadly used in my locks. i waxed twice. i didn't used not too much but it was enough to make my dreads stiff and kinda nasty. i shaved my head a few days ago sadly, but i have my reasons. but as an experiment i cut open a dread to see what it looked like inside...what i found was what other than some fucking gross black waxy shit. yeah i waxed twice washed my hair a hundred times at least and I HAD BUILT UP WAX ON THE INSIDE OF MY DREADS FOR OVER A YEAR. wax has no purpose in dreadlocks and never will. i'm actually upset with my self for using it. if there is anyone on this site who is considering wax and reading this i just wanna say this....i'm not going to tell you what to do. its your life do what you please. but i highly highly highly suggestion you don't wax your dreadlocks. i didn't think it would stay in my hair this long. thats pretty much it.
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share your feelings on marijuana

By Jake, 2009-10-30
I recently got caught with marijuana from my mom the day i was going to tell her i smoke. she was soooooo pissed i couldn't believe it. it has been two weeks since my last toke and i admit i miss everything about it from the way i felt, my increased artistic talents, the way i thought differently and saw things differently. ahh i miss it. i think the main reason she was angry was because it is illegal and that make me wonder why exactly it is illegal. i did a little research and it is less harmful than alcohol is and you can still function unlike alcohol which clouds your mind. it is nearly impossible to overdose as well. what made the government ban a plant? aside from the effect it has on your body, it has hundreds if not thousands of uses in society from rope to making a biodegradable plastic. lemme know your opinion on this matter i'm very curious.
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of course i like bob marley, peter tosh, buju banton, and all marley relatives but whats your favorite?
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In a psychology class my friend is taking the teacher told them about a way to hallucinate without lsd, mescaline, or mushrooms. He claims all you do is cut a ping pong ball in half tape them over your eyes and listen to static. I'm going to be trying this with a friend of mine tomorrow and I'll let you know the results. If anyone has done it feel free to share your experience. I may also try it while on marijuana to see if the results are greater. Thanks!
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