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"Natural hallucination" (not mushrooms)

By: Jake
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In a psychology class my friend is taking the teacher told them about a way to hallucinate without lsd, mescaline, or mushrooms. He claims all you do is cut a ping pong ball in half tape them over your eyes and listen to static. I'm going to be trying this with a friend of mine tomorrow and I'll let you know the results. If anyone has done it feel free to share your experience. I may also try it while on marijuana to see if the results are greater. Thanks!
Cody Harder
07/03/14 12:31:57AM @cody-harder:

Oh yeah, the other cool thing about the Mindfold is that the cutouts allow one to experience total darkness anywhere with your eyes open, which is a different experience from darkness with eyes closed.

Cody Harder
07/03/14 12:28:28AM @cody-harder:

There's a very simple device "invented" by visionary artist Alex Grey called "the Mindfold." It's basically a very comfortable blindfold made with very dense black plastic and foam padding with cutouts for your eyes. When worn properly, it blocks all light completely.

I've had some very very VERY trippy times with it, substance enhanced as well as not. Several of the times were rather scary, including being transported into other dimensions (? the only thing I can think to call them). But yeah, it is very interesting. I've spent hours, even a solid day or two with it on. An interesting experience for sure.

Rheana Hayes
03/24/14 11:10:32AM @rheana-hayes:

Psychics do this to improve their clairvoyant abilities and to reach spirits. Amazing stuff.

12/30/13 11:22:15AM @jay-train-insane:

Yes that opens up your mind. It is a way to get possessed many people have from doing it. I once did it and i could hear footsteps walking towards me. you can also see stuff in the ping pong balls

Erika Ostroski
11/14/12 02:15:42PM @erika-ostroski:

I'd recommend meditiation. You can achieve the same results! This just seems silly in my opinion!!

Jeremy Boone
10/28/11 03:15:13AM @jeremy-boone:
Just remember if it gross in the ground then it's probably alright for ya!

10/27/11 10:47:06PM @matt8:

I personally love lady lucy. Can't beat her.

Karrington <3
10/02/11 06:41:30PM @karrington-3:

@se love it!

05/26/11 04:38:44PM @derek:
thats cool man.. im gonna try that some time. It sort of plays to the same effect as an isolation tank. its weird where the mind goes when it doesnt get stimulation

Valentin the Jellyfish
04/29/11 09:32:34AM @valentin-the-jellyfish:
My friend told me she had a completely natural hallucination just by meditating. She meditated for so long and so hard when she opened her eyes and felt like everything felt like it was underwater and it was really similar to the few acid trips shes had before.

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