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dreadlocks shampoo
Ivan Slay


Location: Bogota
Country: CO


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By Ivan Slay, 2012-07-06

hi! well i was wondering if those dreads are tnr or just natural, what do you think?

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natural progress 1 year 3 months

By Ivan Slay, 2013-09-16

i'll do the same gif with day light, it was for fun, but i think it doesn't look very good because the light. ;D

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Dye dreads?

By Ivan Slay, 2012-09-16

Hi, Well i would like to dye the tips of some of my dreads to make them looklighter. I was wondering if i can do it now. My dreads are 4 moths and i have dark hair.I dont know if they will damage a lot or what, so that's why i haven't done yet haha. So can i dye them or it's better if i wait a little more?...and i'd like to dye 5 maybe 6 of my dreads not all of them. Thanks

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