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Dye dreads?

user image 2012-09-16
By: Ivan Slay
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Hi, Well i would like to dye the tips of some of my dreads to make them looklighter. I was wondering if i can do it now. My dreads are 4 moths and i have dark hair.I dont know if they will damage a lot or what, so that's why i haven't done yet haha. So can i dye them or it's better if i wait a little more?...and i'd like to dye 5 maybe 6 of my dreads not all of them. Thanks

Marlee Batchelder
09/16/12 09:37:16PM @marlee-batchelder:

I typically dye my hair wwith henna because its totally natural (doesn't damage) and asts llonger than the red I've had put in professionally (and thus is also less expensive). I'm not sure what this would do in terms of making your hair lighter ike you mentioned, but it's just a thought

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