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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Atlanta, GA
Zipcode: 30309
Country: US

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I like dark, forest, neurotrance
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welcome to new heads!

omg i tranced so hard this past...
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I'm Poly

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Praying before touching your dreads (or intro post to the group)

Is very important because the...
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Running Out Of Time

Running Out Of Time

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Part 1 - Pleiadian Alien Message - russian sub

Part 1 - Pleiadian Alien...

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me loffz you
bracelet from india ~
hiding from full view
not fully dreaded yet (4 months)
in my russian bathrobe lol
welcome to my crazy world haha
3.5 months
rockin my tamm
3 months
gray scale
in a little over 2 months
face covered up


01/06/11 05:05:57PM @lunn:
you mowies going to look rude when you locks are all done

08/07/10 10:29:03AM @jboy:
Red Ribbon

07/30/10 06:43:03PM @rico-lilbrad:
hey, whats up with your name?

Andrew Harder
06/12/10 09:05:00AM @andrew-harder:
how are ya? hows the hair? i'm at mt hood working as a private emt at a snowboard camp. long story i didnt get the job but then got it a week ago and was down here two days later! i get to ride today :)

05/01/10 07:28:02PM @honeybee:
Traveled down the road and back again...

Smail Jr
04/29/10 01:27:00PM @smail-jr:
Thanks for accepting me as a friend :)

04/28/10 04:48:59PM @honeybee:
Im an anarchist, not a socialist. I just like that quote. i don't think i should talk politics with someone whose name is Illuminati...Kinda scares me a little ;)

Andrew Harder
04/28/10 07:34:06AM @andrew-harder:
i'm no hater, but the kid earned it. and his name just happened to be jack lol

Nic Sullivan
04/27/10 08:02:10PM @nic-sullivan:
Alright i got one pic up with a friend of mine but i gotta wait to get some more

04/26/10 02:32:02PM @kikimcgumbo:
Really great! Thanks for inquiring! :)

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