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01/03/11 02:53:37PM @mea:
haha, thank u :)

JESSICA EVA (Eva Lovelocks)
12/22/10 07:13:17PM @jessica-eva-eva-lovelocks:
haha! that's awesome! i really want to bleach a few of them but i'm just really worried about damage and all that shit. :0) i think it would look pretty cool though.

12/22/10 07:41:54AM @naturalwomyn:
Hi! yes my last set of dreads we're basically ruined from wearing them back in a ponytail 24/7. I had them for a few years and it made them form weird. It was really uncomfortable when I tried to wear them down. The roots were really just used to being pulled back. I think that as long as you wear your hair down for as long as you wear it pulled back you should be ok. Can you pull it into a low ponytail? Either way just make sure you're lettin them hang as soon as you get home.

04/24/10 09:51:22PM @illumiknotty:
oh well dont bother they are all a bunch of "big shots" this site is way better ^^

04/23/10 08:53:51PM @illumiknotty:
thnx for pic comment. were u on your dreads look familiar.

04/16/10 06:32:36PM @shawnee:
thank you! i'm going to try my best. i'm kind of scared but i feel like it's something i really need to do. and your dreads are lookin good, bro!

Sammy Seven
04/16/10 05:32:07PM @sammy-seven:
lol, it's a song. CCR (Creedance Clearwater Revival)

03/30/10 08:11:30PM @illumiknotty:
friend add = problem solved.+thnxx for the interest

03/27/10 09:02:11PM @shawnee:
happy belated birthday btw, sorry i missed it!

03/27/10 09:01:54PM @shawnee:
oh it's SO much fun. and i've seen quite a few boys hoop actually! but if you want to learn any tricks, you need to make sure that when the hoop is big enough for you. i made my own, so it's just the right size for me! it should be tall enough to come to your belly button. and if it's not heavy enough, you won't be able to control it. but omg it's SO fun. i love it. once you learn some tricks it's even better cause you put some music on and it's like a dance. it's great exercise too! my muscles in my belly, upper arms and thighs are SOOO sore. i hoop for hours.

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