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Three Little Birds

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Dirt Road Anthem

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Blessed Earth Mama
03/29/12 02:38:23PM @blessed-earth-mama:

Thank you! <3 Friend request sent! <3 :)

Kid Ayn Gibran
08/27/11 04:59:10PM @kid-ayn-gibran:

Hey thanks for the add. Yeah I was so happy to get out of Indiana and I was until the triple digit heat wave heat. need to worry though. How's good ol' Indiana?

Torie Shea
08/24/11 10:59:10PM @torie-shea:
Are you any form of pagan? Just interested. :)

Torie Shea
08/21/11 01:42:18PM @torie-shea:
Your page looks great! It is virtually impossible for me to customize my page on a phone, I have tried a few times, I wish I could. Maybe ill try one more time later.

Evelyn Maes
08/20/11 02:57:41PM @evelyn-maes:


Thx for the picture comment.

I really love your profile background, very nice!

Greets Evelyn

08/19/11 04:27:08PM @exalthimx7:

yep'] NYK-NAKS on the free shop site here. I started with Jewelry in 2008, but now I'm doing upcycled/reconstructed clothes and dread wraps and beads...I need to get them listed, lol, but I have my daughter's 13th party tomorrow and it's been soooooo busy! Hope to add items next week. My TnR's resectioned themselves, BUT I believe doing it helped my hair to dread quicker..xo

08/19/11 04:08:58PM @exalthimx7:

Thanks so much'] I did TnR at first, but my hair has repositioned itself, haha, it decided where it wanted to section']. I had several I had that were really dreaded up nice on the top, but they hurt so I split them and they feel SO much better. Yes, I make the wraps, I've made SOO many the past 2 weeks everyone at church loves them. I only have like 5 in my etsy shop on here. Trouble is each one I like better than the previous so they are hard to put up or give away, lol...xo

baby britt
08/16/11 10:22:43PM @baby-britt:
welcome to the site! it's a great place. & i completely agree with the "defining power" of dreadlocks. i'm hoping mine will show people that it's what's on the inside that matters most.

Torie Shea
08/12/11 11:02:48PM @torie-shea:
Bummer! That's something i would do. Psh, grumble.

Torie Shea
08/12/11 10:39:58PM @torie-shea:
I am doing well. Did you get the cord you wanted?

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