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Jessica Whitney
08/18/12 12:38:06AM
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Roots are growing together and are very fuzzy

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I'm not really sure how to stop this. I have had my dreads for about 10 months and when I got them done my friend used the back combing method. The dreads were sectioned poorly and they have been getting all tangled up in each other. I separate them and try to keep them apart while I do some clockwise rubbing. I've tried the crochet hook too and nothing seems to help. They are just starting to look really nice but i have so much loose hair on top of my head i look ridiculous. I'm almost certain Its impossible to get it all with the hook and it seems every time I check on my roots there's more dreadies getting locked together. I really dont want to cut them off. it seems like since ive been attending to my root problem by separating them, the loose hairs and the congoing have been getting out of hand. somebody help before i ruin them beyond repair??? :(

updated by @jessica-whitney: 01/13/15 09:33:52PM
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