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04/16/19 08:12:34AM
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Scalp Psoriasis

Dreads Hair and Scalp Health

i'm early on my journey, just a few months in, i'll soon be posting a introduction with a load of pics to ask for any advice on offer but for now i wan't to ask the question that led me here:...

i have psoriasis on my scalp

before dreading i just used T-gel medicated shampoo 2-3 times per week , t-gel feels like it leaves a residue and my hair always felt very soft after washing. When i started dreading i initially began by massaging t-gel into my scalp/roots then washing all my hair with dread shampoo to remove any t-gel residue.

now obviously this isn't sustainable and i figure all the extra washing is probably doing some harm and i feel like the t-gel could be slowing the process.

i'm hoping someone on here already has some experience of this particular problem.

i figure i either need shampoo that is good for both, a clarifying/dread shampoo that contains coal tar (active ingredient in t-gel), OR a treatment i can massage into my scalp before a shower when i would follow with a proper shampoo.

any advice?

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