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06/28/18 04:38:02PM
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How to get beads to stay in

Dread Accessories

The bead should be able to move up n down a bit. Which is how you can be sure to get it good n dry (hit it with hair dryer, slide bead, blast... I remove mine b4 I wash, but I have loose ends and due to my extensive craft supplies, various sized latch hooks that bead can slip on, then I thread that way. Or I aloe the end rather than spit.
If ya get lumpies n bumpies, it helps hide it while it locks
06/28/18 04:12:05PM
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Threat around roots??? And dying advice?

Dread Maintenance

I'm 11 mo in on my dreads. I have had then crocheted twice (nearest place is 8 hours)

So, w/o crochet hook (which yes, I have some, but I rarely used due to it hurts my bad wrist) but that's kinda all I know... Root rubbing. .  I've given myself friction burns and nada.

We'll, idk when, 2 mo or so, I tried root flipping. Did each 2x (some 3, but one horizontal, one vertical) and my over processed hair broke around the outsides of a buncha dreads on the top and around the edges of my head

I can't stand this frizzy, messy, a KY mess. 

I have hair thread, I recall reading about tying around the roots to keep em separate and a bit neater while time does it's thingthing with the short hairs to integrate... BUT

Is this good idea? HTH does one ever remove it??

I wear a silicone wrap for 2 days and it doesn't want to come off... 

Or does the string stay and just becomes part of the dread?

Also, I've not processed my hair in.... 9.5 months.... My natural hair color is scaring me. 

But so is broken hair..... 

It's "bleached" out, then color over it. My roots are dark. I think mud is the color. Ashy mud.

I'm usually some form of red head. 

Is a basic bottle of color with (20 or 30) developer fine?

I've considered henna, but no clue. 

It'll take at LEAST 4 bottles of color.  I've not seen my natural color since 1992, and I've dyed it every color over the years. (would take 2 bottles if not dreaded. 60 dreads,most are shoulder blade/bra strap length)

Thank you! 

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06/28/18 02:21:25PM
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Introduce Yourself

Hi! I'm Lexy, I live in the middle of no where, aka Nebraska. No, not the 2 towns you've heard of lol.

I started my journey a year ago in August. (8/6-8/11) 

Right now, I hate my dreads, but THEY STARTED IT! ! 

(My regrowth won't lock. You name it, I've probably tried it.  FYI knotty boy powder causes chemical burns. (Luckily I found Dollylocks... Well whenever they had that hurricane last year..  So maybe a month into having locs. 

Kmy hair is crazy dense, but it's thin/fine hair that has the same color texture of limp or frizzy. TY kids for that!  

IF my phone is playing nice, then my profile pic is today :-) Freshly washed yesterday (my hair is dry so I can go 3-4 weeks. I also have agoraphobia, so basically, they usually get washed if I'm 

goig to be needing to leave my house soon).

Ihmmmmmm.. ... I hold down the couch, so it doesn't float away. That's my job (I'm disabled)

I've 2 kids, that live in Atlanta, because our schools are horrible. They're +ome for summer right now... 

I live with my husband, who is who finally talked me into dreads, and a greyhound (fmr breeder, not racer, rescued a year ago), a Corillon (a half sized corgi disguised as a Papillion. He's new, adopted him 5 weeks ago. And also a Pom-Chi who thinks she's a mongoose. And 3 sugar gliders.

And a LOT of video games. 

Piece of advice, put a dread tube on BEFORE putting a Rift on!

I'm a big dork/geek. I cosplay (have yet to attempt the wig... I do Bob Ross, adding a Druid from a series of books this year, since she is a Druid and awesome. And Its hard to find cosplay WITH dreads, that are white, and not in spandex. No one wants to see that. Trust me.

I babble a lot FYI

And I can't really see what I'm typing, so I'm sorry for the errors!!


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