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04/12/17 12:18:35PM
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In desperate need of the right shampoo

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Six months ago I decided to start my dread journey by basically leaving my hair to do its own thing.  I have thick, curly very, very, very dry hair so it started to dread pretty quickly.  I now have a mass of baby dreads of varying thickness and shape, which I love.  However the dryness is a constant problem, I could wash the dishes and use my dreads as a brillo pad!  I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner I used pre-dread which is no silicones, no parabens and no sulphates and I followed a lowpoo method for my curls before.  There appears to be no build up but as I’m needing to shampoo my hair more than I used to I need a tonne of conditioner and my hair is still as dry as the desert with a halo and a mass of fly away bits. 

So basically my question is what shampoo should I use that will help my dreads form and reduce the dryness?  Is there anything else I can be doing to alleviate the dryness which is very minimal effort (as the reason I’ve decided to have dreads is to reduce the amount of time I need to spend on my hair). I'm in the UK so if you can please recommend products I can purchase for delivery over here.  Cheers.

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