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Almost 4 months!

By Faelwynn, 2009-11-27
My dread's 4 month birthday will be on December 7th, but I'm just too excited not to post pictures now. There may be a few coming later as well. As you may note from the pictures, they are all developing nicely, and for those that were just a little too awkward and slow, I bound a few together (strategically of course!) with some wool thread that I had left over from a previous crochet project. My loops are running rampant and I just love it. Each dread has a life all it's own. Best part is, those dreads in the back of my head that I was so worried about at first are looking so wonderful now! A friend of mine was playing with my dreads and when she found the ones in the back she exclaimed "WOW now these are REAL dreads! This is what I was expecting to see!" xP Anyhow, PICTURE UPDATE!!

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Happy 2 months!!

By Faelwynn, 2009-10-08
Today marks 2 months of dreaded bliss! As usual, I have included pictures so that everyone can see my dready progress! This time, most of the pictures were taken without my tam...everyone marvel, as very few people get to see me with my dreads down and not in a tam. Enjoy!!

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3 weeks!

By Faelwynn, 2009-08-28

Today is my dread babies' three week birthday! I'm so excited! I made a headband to celebrate the occasion! Let me know what you think of my handy-work. Still having a bit of problems with dreading in the back, but I'm just leaving it be for now.Enjoy!

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My grandmother passed away yesterday at around 6-8pm PST. Right as I was leaving for work. I made peace with her, and said my good-byes when I left Alabama two years ago, knowing that I might never see her alive again. That's not what bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that I wasn't informed that she was in trouble until the day that she died. My mother and my sister with-held all information from me regarding her hospitalization and just how serious her condition was. I'm not so much sorrowful as I am just plain pissed off. Now, as my father's mother is also sitting on death's doorstep, I'll have to try and go see her, our matriarch, before her time runs out.I apologize in advance for my inactivity over the next few weeks.
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A little over a week...

By Faelwynn, 2009-08-17
So it's been a little over a week now, and my dreadies are coming along nicely. I'm now having major problems with my scalp being really really itchy, but the baking soda wash and vinegar rinse are working really well, even though I'm not adding anything to the baking soda or vinegar (if anyone knows anything that might work to relieve the itchy, please let me the moment I'm just bearing it and trying to ignore it...). I am becoming just a little irked by my (what seems to be permanent) part and the crazy things that my roots are doing, but maybe with time it'll resolve it's self. Also, I've decided that I need more wool... I'm going crochet crazy and just can't seem to help myself. Now I can take all my extra acrylic thread and make socks!! Hello to an army of hand made socks!And now, pictures! Taken as I sit here and type this!

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