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Completely un-related to dreads, but will account for my in-activity.

By: Faelwynn
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My grandmother passed away yesterday at around 6-8pm PST. Right as I was leaving for work. I made peace with her, and said my good-byes when I left Alabama two years ago, knowing that I might never see her alive again. That's not what bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that I wasn't informed that she was in trouble until the day that she died. My mother and my sister with-held all information from me regarding her hospitalization and just how serious her condition was. I'm not so much sorrowful as I am just plain pissed off. Now, as my father's mother is also sitting on death's doorstep, I'll have to try and go see her, our matriarch, before her time runs out.I apologize in advance for my inactivity over the next few weeks.
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