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Completely un-related to dreads, but will account for my in-activity.

By: Faelwynn
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My grandmother passed away yesterday at around 6-8pm PST. Right as I was leaving for work. I made peace with her, and said my good-byes when I left Alabama two years ago, knowing that I might never see her alive again. That's not what bothers me. What bothers me is the fact that I wasn't informed that she was in trouble until the day that she died. My mother and my sister with-held all information from me regarding her hospitalization and just how serious her condition was. I'm not so much sorrowful as I am just plain pissed off. Now, as my father's mother is also sitting on death's doorstep, I'll have to try and go see her, our matriarch, before her time runs out.I apologize in advance for my inactivity over the next few weeks.
08/19/09 06:30:05PM @faelwynn:
I could have hoped that my family would have come together, but my mother and half sister are too stubborn and too set in their selfish ways to just put all things aside and comfort each other. They've been caught in their own web of lies and won't admit that they've been caught. They're too proud for that. It has taught me that death isn't always a bad or scary thing, as I was able to really let go and be happy for her on the same day that she passed, and not hold on to it and whine about how sad I was ( in other words, I was able to put selfishness aside and think about what's best for someone else). It's kinda new for me, and I'm happy that I could come to grips with it. I just got another email from my father, saying that I need to talk to him I suppose this isn't over. I'll keep everyone posted

08/18/09 08:50:39PM @lost:
:(i just had a scare over the weekend over my gramma being hospitalized, she had surgery but they screwd up an had to do another, mid day friday we got a call from my cuz that i havent seen in 2 years an he told us to come down cause things wernt looking good, in the end she pulled through but it was insanity as our family set aside there difrences to come together and saport our biggest fan. from this close call my generation of the family has come together an we will be leading the family gatherings an make sure we are all still conected. im not sure what im trying to say bu i felt it important as soon as i read your words... my brother discribed my grandma as the matriarch of our family just a few days ago, i dont believe this is coincedance*, my family triumphed over allot of issues in that few days of comen fear an emotion, i hope that somthing great may be revield from this, an should she pass that it is as painless as possible for all involved.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/09 12:03:43PM @soaring-eagle:
wow just wowive heard alotta crazy shit dealling woth my best freinds divorce and all but this is like ..i dont even know..i dont know what to say.but im gonna send ya my number in a message..or my im's (moving soon so that might be better)well the good news is.. family is only family when they act like familyand..some people act like family and therefore are family regardless of not being directly related.if those who are related to ya by blood dont act like dont really need them..theres way more real family out there in the world then yiu ever imagined

08/18/09 11:45:31AM @faelwynn:
to answer your question SE, there was a great falling out. My mother divorced from my father after 30 years of marriage. Then when she asked the daddy's girl (that would be me) to choose between having a place to live with her, or on the streets, I chose to move to California with my (at the time) boyfriend (we're now hah!). At the same time, she revealed to my father that she'd been cheating on him with multiple people over the course of their marriage, and that my sister is only my half sister...and not my father's child. They made my father look like a looney, a homicidal and suicidal nutter who was just out to kill my sister and myself. It's something that could never come from my father...ever. My mother's family is kinda obligated to trust her side of the story, and thinks that my father is everything my mother has made him out to be. They don't understand why I still love my father and have taken his side of the story (there were a couple of teeny tiny details that made my mother's story complete crap...things like the way a door opened that would make certain supposed actions impossible). When I moved, my mother cut me off from her family. I would call and all they would talk about was her and how wrong I was, and how they hope to see me home. As I said, I told them goodbye knowing what the future would have in store. My mother and half-sister are just awful people....they thrive on drama and revenge. They have murdered family pets to get back at my father and myself.... it's why I can't live where my family is right now..

08/18/09 11:26:15AM @echolynnrain:
I'm so sorry sis. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sending love and hugs to you!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/09 11:04:26AM @soaring-eagle:
wow sweetyim so sorrywas there a falling out between you and family that would explain (but not be an excuse for) them not telling you?tight hugsyou know we are a family here..anytime u need to talk..i'm here

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