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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Zipcode: 90004
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/18/12 10:05:42AM @soaring-eagle:

Animal Amy
05/13/11 06:05:12PM @bethany-colvin:

hey, i remember you got in touch after i lost my leg, thanks again :) just thought id let you know that im hopefully getting my prosthetic leg next week! cant wait to get back on my bike haha

thanks again x

Shayla Rietveld
05/13/11 04:47:56PM @les:
Thanks, you need to check out this site for tons!!!!! of ideas, check out their gallery for loads of pics...

Shayla Rietveld
05/12/11 02:28:06PM @les:
got some inside pics up today of the bus, check them out :)

Shayla Rietveld
05/01/11 11:08:45AM @les:
And so it begins! ha ha nice bus, I'm almost done with the inside of mine got a few pics on my page. My bus is smaller only having 7 windows on one side, there removed now. Check out my pics. Its easy to remove the windows and skin over the hole. if you want more privacy. Cant wait to see more!!! Got a conversion thread also in the travlin dreadies group.

Jasmine H
03/31/11 05:19:13PM @david-escobar:

greteengsfrom chile

have great one kisses

Animal Amy
03/30/11 05:26:57PM @bethany-colvin:
it is aye, and thank you very much for the comment but yes i am incredibly thankful i am still here :) and very lucky with the injuries i have having seen the damage to the car. just wish i could remember how it happened hahathanks again :) you are a nice person :)

Lauriee dread brannon
03/30/11 11:16:44AM @heindrich-du-preez:

kool.....ok i thinkin of goin and check'n it out i was thinkin of take'n the grey hound out htere is Rapid City closer ? what should i bring ? is there a certain time it ends? let meh kno ok thankya:)

Lauriee dread brannon
03/28/11 11:53:54PM @heindrich-du-preez:
hey Fox you always go to that Hemp Hoe Down how is it ? you stay all days? just wandering????:)

Carly Lavallee
02/11/11 07:10:10AM @kristin-tilley:
Thank you for your friend request, hopefully we'll chat soon :)

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