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Tara C
09/14/11 03:07:40AM @tara-c:

Welcome! Glad you found the site before you began your dread journey, it has a lot of advice and support :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/14/11 03:00:32AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome b4 u start read the dreaducation page

then ask questions in the foryums and lets get u started on your dread journey

wyatt walker
06/12/13 03:04:07PM @wyatt-walker:

awesome pimp bus ahaha did u name it? lol an hell yeas dreads= shitty people repellant an awesome peeps magnets hahaa nice one grovy shite mann lol peace

wayne jones
06/16/12 12:08:28PM @wayne-jones:

Thanks! and no problem thank you for the great information.

06/15/12 11:31:26PM @alfy:

Thank you! May you have many amazing journeys in that amazing looking bus!

06/15/12 11:16:54PM @alfy:

That gives me hope mine will grow back to a decent length.

06/15/12 10:59:21PM @alfy:

Wow, your 2 year dreads are so long! I don't think mine will reach that at 2 years.

01/29/12 01:27:48AM @mad:

thanks for the advice i just ignore the kids that talk shit and i know who my real friends are

pamela patrizio
05/13/11 10:26:04PM @esperanza-page:
Ya we are on There are some awesome busses on their. Some of the ideas are incredible.

pamela patrizio
05/01/11 10:46:04PM @esperanza-page:
I took a look at your pictures and they look awesome. I love the paint job! We are also putting a pot belly stove in ours. I will continue to put pictues up and take a peek at yours too. We have put the insulation up in ours now and need to put up the walls and then the floor. We have all the supplies to finish the walls and floor but we have recently run into time road blocks. Have an awesome day man!

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