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dreadlocks shampoo
Eric Andrikowich


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Dread Update!! Natural Locs 7 long spiritual months

By Eric Andrikowich, 2013-05-13

7 months natural in these photos

2 weeks after backcombed

7 months
Fresh after wash

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Scalp maintenance?

By Eric Andrikowich, 2013-01-27
I have dr Bronners tea tree but I'm gunna get some pure oils for my scalp. Out of the peppermint, lavender, or rosemary. Which ones should I get that are a must hav cause there pretty expensive
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Dread dandruff?

By Eric Andrikowich, 2013-01-23
I have really bad dandruff, should I be using more tea tree oil. I've noticed my scalp is slimey after I shower but I only use a little bit of dr Bronners tea tree like 10 drops.
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Scalp psoriasis???? Need advice

By Eric Andrikowich, 2013-01-17
Will medicated shampoo or cream affect my dreads there almost 4 months old I need advice ASAP
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Frizzy dreads?

By Eric Andrikowich, 2013-01-12
I've been noticing my dreads have been getting a lot more frizzy there about 3 months and 12 days. Any ideas why?
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Dreads And sea salt?

By Eric Andrikowich, 2013-01-07
I use a sea salt spray at random times not very often. I wanna start adding sea salt into my bs acv wash. If its possible how much do I use and what do I apply it to. Also how will the sea salt benefit me?
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Hair is wet and i palm rolled a little bit

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Dreads aren't maturing?

By Eric Andrikowich, 2013-01-02
I got my dreads back combed then left for natural. It's been about 3 months now and I don't feel like they are maturing very much. Is that common for this time in my journey or should I be patient and wait several more months?
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