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Dread dandruff?

user image 2013-01-23
By: Eric Andrikowich
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I have really bad dandruff, should I be using more tea tree oil. I've noticed my scalp is slimey after I shower but I only use a little bit of dr Bronners tea tree like 10 drops.
01/24/13 09:53:01AM @mons:
Try using one or the other, not both mixed together.

01/24/13 09:48:20AM @kelly3:

Right. That's not clear from your post. Try rosemary in the mix. I use teatree, rosemary, lavander and peppermint. I still get dandruff though. Nothing I can't live with. The BS eats away most of the dead skin, so at least I know the inside of my dreads will be clean.

Eric Andrikowich
01/24/13 09:38:12AM @eric-andrikowich:
That's what I do I add it to the bs mix

01/24/13 08:40:20AM @kelly3:

I don't think that Bronners is specifically for dandruff. It is for washing only, as far as I'm aware. Try the BS/ACV mix.

Eric Andrikowich
01/24/13 07:25:53AM @eric-andrikowich:
I have soft water lol but I dilute so much and put so little in. My skin on my scalp grows back so fast and notice scaling as little as like two hours later

01/23/13 02:44:03PM @mons:
That's the same thing. Bronner's does not work with hard water, it does work in soft water. Which do you have? How are you using the Dr B's? It should be diluted, not used straight from the bottle. Dilute it 12 parts water to 1 part soap. It won't lather much and that's fine. If yo7're using it straight from the bottle, regardless of hard or soft water, it'll leave a residue.

Eric Andrikowich
01/23/13 02:15:34PM @eric-andrikowich:
It's the other way around it works well in soft water

01/23/13 02:02:19PM @kelly3:

The bronners is leaving a residue. You must have hard water. You should get a clarifying shampoo and then switch to another shampoo. I'm sure you've heard about this already.

Also wash with luke warm water and do a freezing rinse at the end.

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