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I hate velcro!! :P

user image 2009-11-30
By: Emily
Posted in:
today me and my dreads had a nasty encounter with velcro. it seemed pretty blogworthy to me gym class we were playing elimination and mats were set up around the gym like walls to hide behind. mats with velcro on the edges. im just minding my own business next to one of these mats when a guy comes to whip a ball at me. naturally i ducked in close to the stupid mat to avoid getting killed. of course half of my dreads get stuck to the velcro and i get pelted with the ball, tipping the mat over as it took my dreads with it. It hurt soooo bad this huge heavy thing pulling down on my hair! and it probably pulled out a hundred loose hairs :/ of course on the way down i yelled veeelllcrooo!! i have no idea why, but at least that made it a lot funnier long story short...tomorrow im wearin a tam! :P
justin worm
05/18/13 05:28:52PM @justin-worm:


11/12/10 06:52:35PM @rebelnyell:
haha thats a pretty funny story to visualize hope you head (hair) is feeling alright

Marlee Skye
10/23/10 12:52:03AM @marlee-skye:
oh i read this already.. haha ima tard :) still funny though.. months later lol

Marlee Skye
10/23/10 12:51:48AM @marlee-skye:

07/29/10 10:27:49PM @emily:
haha why george why??

owen thompson
07/28/10 05:15:20PM @owen-thompson:
hmn wow sounds horrible, darn random object assasins on the attack lol..

Marlee Skye
07/23/10 10:34:47PM @marlee-skye:
haha. never had a velcro encounter. I shall be aware of the velcro lol..

Marlee Skye
07/23/10 10:33:17PM @marlee-skye:
haha. i just laughed my ass off. feel sorry for the dreadies though :(

07/08/10 11:05:20PM @emily:
oh wow thats a horrible velcro encounter!!

07/08/10 08:28:46AM @che:
I HATE VELCRO!!! At our local pub they have these big tarpon (I think thats what they call it,, its like a big sail thing) they use to cover the balcony when the wind pics up,or if its cold,, anyway, these things go onto the poles via velcro, but like hard big industrial velcro ;) And I was a bit mentholated :) and leaned against the pole... To make a long story short,, it took 3 of my friends and the pub owner near to 30 min to get me unstuck from the pole, while all the other pub goers stood watching... I feel your pain.

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