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Location: Bloem
Country: ZA


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Luv u Sandy Panda
Me and my brother...
oppikoppi 2010
thorn digging
Me and my besty
oppikoppi 2010
starting a band,, hehe
Music Fest '10
makin breakfast in the mountains
bongo sista (had like 3 dreads)
Oppikoppi music Fest (2nd day after dreading)
Me and my Bro (I had 2 dreads)


Naja Sage
10/08/10 08:24:08AM @naja-sage:
I love South Africa--- check out the flag @ the tip of my guitar case --would like to hear some of your music-- if you'd car to hear some more of my music check me out on -- I could use the feedback on my tunes--- Aloha Naja


09/02/10 10:27:22PM @becca:
Well thanks for accepting my invite :) Tell your sister I like her name, I wish my parents had spelled mine that way. You and your locks are incredibly beautiful.

Kiwi Chick
07/16/10 05:48:42PM @kiwi-chick:
hey ya che... your locks rock mate :)

07/12/10 09:27:15PM @cavewoman:
ya, the days will come when we can both take vacations ^w^just have to be patient, just like with locs haha

07/12/10 12:46:32AM @cavewoman:
that actually sounds like a great idea =] a holiday anywhere sounds nice actually. Since I've gotten a job I usually only have 2 days off a week and they've never been consecutive days. We're also not allowed to ask for weekends off.Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful to even have a job when it's hard for so many to find them... I just love being able to go away for a while, be out in the wilderness =]

07/09/10 01:28:47PM @cavewoman:
Well I live in California, US and while I like being here, there's diversity all over the state, it's also very populated, smoggy, and full of rude people =/I don't want to say everyones that way, but you do get a lot of people whop think they're the most important thing in the city if you know what I mean haha.I also feel kind of out of place here sometimes, like not a whole lot of people share my ideals. But I've lived here my whole life so it's all I've known I guess. Would love to live somewhere a little more intuned with nature instead of a place that is always disturbing our animals natural habitats to build more houses every year.we have our faire share of poverty, and saddly, many people look down on the homeless, like they're an infection or something. And I mean I know some of them have put themselves in that position but we don't know their situation you know? How can you judge them based on that alone?but ya. Love it, but also don't love it at the same time, aha =]

07/09/10 01:49:53AM @cavewoman:
That's cool =] I guess I just assumed that because... well I guess I've never met a german who lives in SA ;)But now I know =]How do you like it there? I've always wanted to go to Africa.

07/08/10 05:37:26PM @scarface:
Thanks, your dreadies are awesome too! I look foreward to the day mine are as long as yours. With the lengt i have nowi can't do anything with them exept putting them in a hairtie (and a couple of the fornt ones have to be tucked under the rest). :P

07/08/10 03:15:15PM @cavewoman:
haha ya that is pretty lucky =] if I hadn't found this site I would have used wax, probably crochet, and all that good stuff.How did you end up in south africa? I assume you haven't been there your whole life.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/07/10 12:00:25PM @soaring-eagle:
yea i wanna be so i added u :)

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