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Looking for advice

By echolynnrain, 2009-08-25
I am in a really bad situation at home. I am trying my best to get out of this. Everything I'm trying to do to better myself is blocked my my asshole father. There is so much tension between us it's not even funny. This all began about 6 weeks ago when my mom was admitted to the hospital for surgery. She is back now after 6 weeks. question is: If I make it to Cali with my daughter somehow...where do we go to find rainbow family that would allow us a place to stay for a few? I am to the point of desperation on getting us out. I don't have wheels...that is the scariest part for me. So I would hopefully get us a couple bus tickets or even possibly find a ride on rideshare. I just don't want to get all the way to the other side of the country and be on the streets with all the tweekers. If anyone has any input please do share. I am desperate. My spirit can't take the verbal abuse from my father...or my mental state. If I was alone it would not be so scary...but I have a 5 yr. old I have to protect and look out for. Thanks for reading. I'm just freaking beside myslef at the moment. I hope it's ok that I wrote this here on this forum. Namaste`
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