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Looking for advice

user image 2009-08-25
By: echolynnrain
Posted in:
I am in a really bad situation at home. I am trying my best to get out of this. Everything I'm trying to do to better myself is blocked my my asshole father. There is so much tension between us it's not even funny. This all began about 6 weeks ago when my mom was admitted to the hospital for surgery. She is back now after 6 weeks. question is: If I make it to Cali with my daughter somehow...where do we go to find rainbow family that would allow us a place to stay for a few? I am to the point of desperation on getting us out. I don't have wheels...that is the scariest part for me. So I would hopefully get us a couple bus tickets or even possibly find a ride on rideshare. I just don't want to get all the way to the other side of the country and be on the streets with all the tweekers. If anyone has any input please do share. I am desperate. My spirit can't take the verbal abuse from my father...or my mental state. If I was alone it would not be so scary...but I have a 5 yr. old I have to protect and look out for. Thanks for reading. I'm just freaking beside myslef at the moment. I hope it's ok that I wrote this here on this forum. Namaste`
Good Energy
04/21/10 12:16:16PM @good-energy:
Well I don't know if you've headed west yet but here's some things you can do. Contact some people maybe on here who can let ya crash however long and just go from house to house state to state until ya reach Cali. I live here in Indiana and I'd let ya crash. Now you can go from commune to commune also. Work for a place to stay. Usually you can learn alot along the way like organic gardening etc. I have a community directory if ya need. Yet there's also a rainbow site too. That's how I met Soaringeagle. It's rainbowgatherings.ning I think. So there's some options. Hope I'm not too late! Sorry about your situation. I've been there too. Peace, love, and light!

01/03/10 01:59:19AM @sareen:
hey sweety .....thats very sad to hear about ur me i can understand u r problem and can feel it....dear , from hear i can only share my feelings only. but if u were in INDIA (as i proposed u for a trekking here before) i would have certainly helped u as u wanted...anything for my frends...but be courageous and try to solve ur problem calmly..GOD IS WITH U AND OF COURSE WE R WITH U..take care

Spider Feet
09/01/09 05:50:19PM @spider-feet:
I feel you on wanting to get out. I'm about ready to find a way to Oregon myself. Peace and calm is the live life and be able to smile and laugh.

08/26/09 04:30:19PM @echolynnrain:
My dad started putting me down again just a couple hrs ago and I told him to go to hell. I'm surprised I didn't get kicked out right there and then. This drama and bad energy just sux. I'm gonna take a nap. Oh how I wish I had some ganja right about now. SE...I'm gonna send you a message later tonite.

08/26/09 12:49:14PM @klete:
U got that right se, 180 degrees difference!!! The only good thing really is the football team!!!

08/26/09 12:41:57PM @echolynnrain:
SE...thanks so much brother. I have to dad is being a nazi asshole again. I have to run a couple errands. I'll be back later on today to talk to you more...

08/26/09 12:40:38PM @echolynnrain:
LOL...yeah man! I thought I was having a flashback! In fact...where are the flashbacks they promised??? LOL

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/26/09 12:37:05PM @soaring-eagle:
haha nebrasca is the anti-oregon isnt it?

08/26/09 12:33:20PM @klete:
Sorry about the multiple posts. At work using phone, didn't think they were going through lol

08/26/09 12:12:30PM @klete:
Nebraska panhandle, nothing like oregon but we do have carhenge!!! Lol. Se is right don't worry, if anybody can help I'm sure its him!! : )

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