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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Las Vegas, NV
Zipcode: 89102
Country: US


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double tongue piercing
knotty knotted knots
6 months :)
ok so im a little flexible
i fucking love pheasants
i want this for a tat
..its what i got
pig tails with bandana :)


Mia Elizabeth
06/06/11 12:37:10PM @mia-elizabeth:

When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

Peace & love,


Kid Ayn Gibran
05/18/11 02:53:48AM @kid-ayn-gibran:
Thanks for the friend addage. I read through your dread adventure. I've had so many dreams about my hair. I once dreamed I had mold in my hair. I woke up and freaked the eff out!!!!

07/18/10 08:28:59PM @sillywalkingminister:
My nly advice to you is..DO NOT FEED THE GREMLINS AFTER MIDNIGHT...What? You said advice about anything and everything!!Sweet sweet locks btw...:)

06/28/10 11:43:34PM @pixie:
Well I be damned! Another dreadie who lives in South Dakota! And only 45 mins away! :)

Lonnie Berg
06/02/10 05:05:28PM @lonnie-berg:
I worked in a greenhouse/garden center for a couple years and I loved it too

Leon D
05/29/10 01:21:11AM @leon-d:
Holy Cow... didn't know wax was going to be that bad in dreaded hair GROSS...good thing I found this site mabe we can meet up, nice to know someone in Rapid City shares the passion ... PeAcE

04/26/10 06:39:19PM @zen:
thank you for the friendship.p&l_zen

04/26/10 11:53:42AM @iain:
Hey read thru ur intro, an didn't really have a whole lot to add, just wanted to Say Welcome,an Ive been to Wyoming (yellowstone) lol I can imagine how ur dreadlocks would make u diverse, when I was there, I never saw anyone with locks,,,then again i saw more buffalo than people. :)

Smail Jr
04/26/10 08:19:04AM @smail-jr:
pointers??? sorry my english is not perfect :P

Lonnie Berg
04/25/10 11:41:55PM @lonnie-berg:
earthbaby, I like that! Welcome to the phamily my sister, you've got style and hope we'll be seeing ya around often. Much Love....namaste'

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