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09/18/18 05:34:38PM @stevieb91:
Yea u know what’s funny about u saying to look up the ingredients of the shampoo before u said that I actually looked up what’s in the locking accelerator from dreadheadhq and they put stuff u can find in dog and cat food and stuff that would straighten ur hair in their so called “locking accelerator” so that kind of gave me a laugh

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/17/18 10:32:43PM @soaring-eagle:

they are all horible formulas i dont think the shampoo causes extreme  buildup the root stimulator  absolutely does  post the ingredients and just for fun post the dreadlockshampoo ingredents as well

09/17/18 01:34:49AM @stevieb91:
Brutal I wana get shampoo from this website but I didn’t have enough money at the time and I ran out of my other shampoo but i definitely plan on trying the next time I get paid. Wait so the shampoo has all the craziness and crap in it or the other stuff they sell cause I only got the shampoo

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/17/18 12:42:31AM @soaring-eagle:

good advice except

 that mango lime stuffs crap its got plastics petroleum products all kinds of nastiness not from the shampoo but the other products i saw black dreads turn grey/white from all the buildup dont use that stuff

09/16/18 12:20:03PM @stevieb91:
Yea that’s super great to hear about the urine thing super glad that I put that in my hair lol but I’ve stopped completely with the Peppa, the accelerator, sea salt spray and everything else that those sites told me to do. Now all I do is the wash and separate routine wich I’m super thankful you have told me that’s what the right way is. I tried buying the patchouli shampoo from the site but it was to much right now so I asked my friend who had dreads for a long time what shampoo I should get and she said that she used the mango and lime Rasta Locs and swore by it and I used it for the first time the other night. My dreadsbthankfully rnt that tight like they were when I started and since I took the rubber bands out I like them so much better and I like how the look so much more. I know I still have a long road to recovery but I’m excited now instead of being all stressed out over all the crap those sites were telling me to do and all their BS routine and money grubbing lies.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/15/18 07:54:13PM @soaring-eagle:

wait you do lock accelertor (which is sea saly) and sea salt they musht be dry as hell  and again if they are tiht you want them to go the other way looser 1st

the liquid has sea salt in it to make your hair dread fasts just by wasshing but thats whyi sugggested to wait on that..if they are tight hard or stiff wait til you see looping then switch 

your using the same thing twice the lable on the other ..dreadheadhq right just costs you 80 times more by volume  buy sea salt make 80 bottles for what you paid them

i know the greed's staggering isn't it

oh but 1 product maybe the accelerator he was kind enough to add an ingredient extracted from urine...nice huh when i researched that i was certain of their ethics

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/15/18 05:09:47PM @soaring-eagle:


good th t you stoppped that horible crochet (its very bad to do it just once) but dread  peppa is a total scam dreadheadhq is ..well they need to be boycotted at all cost

now your on the most honest site we are here to help you recover

that lock peppa will be very hard to get it all out! its dirt they sold you dirt to sprinle in your hair read the dreadheadhq knottyboy reviews page

we've been spreading the truth for 10 years now thats why i n year 1 1/2 the people who joined lost 1-6 sets of dreads to wax now its 1 in 200-400  that makes the wax mistake


so 27 years ago went camping (photos at 18 years) the breeze, swimming holes a couple unique beads thats all it took

crochet is like using a jackhammer  to do the job a gentle breeze would do.

backcombing lightly :the 80s style teasing for big hair)

causes this


crochet just tears your hair to pieces see all the broken ends starting to pop out? those are thousands of broken hairs.

now crochet makes them supernaturally tight, which makes them stiff and the broken hairs make them scratchy not soft. like steel wool often if you squeeze them they feel "squeeky" broken hairs grinding on eachther

typically if tight no dreadding can occur for 6 months after 1 crochet use to start often taking 3 years to lose the stiffness and obvious signs they were crochetted.

lock peppa is i forget the 1 ingredient but next is sand yes sand  then clay  then rosin a tree sap that counts as organic mater in soil. and to round it all off an herrbacide  yup plant killer (cant be good for you) to kep anything from growing in the dirt its grit it makes you believe they are more knotty then they are

i had lice once in my life i use d diatomaceous earth as a treatment //it to is just gritty dirt  and made my hair feel more knotty  but they were just caked in grit (only the scalp wass treated so washed out easy)

when its  washedd out the grittineess you are mistaking for knottiness is gone too

you never used wax i hope..not even once?

ps maybe that sounded like a long list of mistakes you made..but trust me this sites experts at recovering from the worse mistakes you can make...and we have seen them all!

you stopped crochet thats good now lets really scrub out all that lock peppa (i recommend the most pure ethical and purely blissful shampoo there is)

1st special request "detox)  that should get out the lock peppa (its not listed special request it with a bar substitution)

normally on young dreads youd want to use the liquid for faster dreading but if yours are at all tight hard or stiff you want the bars . and i know its counterintuitive but youu need a light conditioning with something like (pure) aloe ..eithr from the plant itself or sold at health food stores as a drink but only the 1 that has 1 ingredient nly aloe (lily of the valley or desert i thinks the 1 i use) or jojoba oil or argon oil something to help them loosen so they can dread

also how big are the sections the crochet tightness makes them way thinner then the sections if they are muchh over an inch.. it can come with risks

literally forget everything you saw on other sites especially dreadheadhq ignore everythig said  by those who either pay for dreads or get paid for doing incredible harm to dreads

now your on an honest site full of good people wanting to help

srry bout typos on 3 days on 3 hours or less sleep (total)

dreading 101

wash wait separate

thats it

wash often clean hair dreads fastest no grit no sticky wax

if yu had used a gently method like tnr (twist and rip or twist and pull) using only yourr fingers .. the looser ones would dread far far faster then the tighter ones

force tightening sets you way back and interferes in the dreading process

now i will leave you with 1 final mage to show just how greedy the new dread industry is


when dreading becomes an industry  full of greedy peple they make it far more complicated (mine dreaded while meditating in a silent meditation tipi) well to be honest thats not all i did those few weeks dreading hapens in yor sleep and has since the day you were born

yuve always fought to prevent it from dreading. now when they want to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ..well i would guess this poor woman spent between 50k and 65k to get this bad  they are still doing the very thing that caused this to hr in the photo!

today we can start the clock over  today we start letting it dread instead of forcing it to dread

so glad ya joineed now not later

once the lock peppas out write a review on that page

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