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dreadheadhq and knotty boy bad dread products real reviews

dreadheadhq and knotty boy bad dread products real reviews

it is widely recognized that dread wax is not good for dreads, but what about products like dread butta lock accelerator the dreaded lock docta (just a felting needle that will destroy dreads) almost all the products of dreadheadhq have been known to be harmful or useless, knotty boy seems to be somewhat more respectable but still insists on pushing dread wax and harmful methods.

this page is for real reviews from people who have used the products and been harmed (or helped) by them please use the comments section to yell the world what you think.

note, if you are in the 1st year to 5 of dreading and using the products please note how long youve used each, since the severity of damage might not be noticed early on, and they can SEEM to help by creatting the illusion of making dreads look like dreads.

see our home made dreadlock products section or our main forums , or go to the main site


05/23/19 08:40:16AM @inbar:
I'd like to add my 2 cents here.

I have loved Dreadlocks since I was a kid. I always knew that I wanted to have them, but for various reasons, I kept telling myself that I shouldn't go for it.
My natural hair is curly and frizzy and prone to dreading all by itself. I am stating this here to point out that if a dread kit was going to work, my hair would have been ideal for it.
When I was finally ready to take the dive, I spent a little time trawling for information and I stumbled across knotty boy. Awesome! A site that provides lots of information as well as starter kits! I ordered right away and when my kit came, I headed over to my moms house where she and my sister followed their instructions to dread up my hair. Hurray! Dreads at last!
Or so I thought.
OK, so they were a waxy, stiff mess, and there were a whole bunch of instructions on how to maintain them until they matured, but they were dreads.. Right? Wrong.
They were a nightmare. I was constantly waxing, crocheting, rolling, and fussing with my hair and they weren't looking very dready. They certainly didn't look like the testimonial pics on the site! They were a mess.
I got so sick of all the work it took to maintain these weird looking dreads that I eventually gave up on them. I tried to comb them out, but between the wax and damaged hair, I ended up cutting them off completely.
Long story short, don't use kits, don't use wax, don't crochet, and definitely don't interlock. If you want dreads, go natural, twist and rip, or back comb. Your dreads will take care of themselves!

bradley bigelow
10/31/14 01:45:42PM @bradley-bigelow:
I bought a a Knotty Boy "dread kit" years ago. Worst purchase I ever made; threw everything away except the two green dread beads they gave me. Those beads I actually love, but they weren't worth $40. Fuck Knotty Boy garbage.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/13/14 09:45:08AM @soaring-eagle:

courtney dreadheadhq caused you a ton of damage but i think they are savable if u just stop it all the hook did the most internal harm, but i think the root rubbing is the cause of all the roots being pulled out from the scalp

Kate Jackson
08/07/14 09:35:40PM @kate-jackson:

My dreads are about 2 years old and at first they were looking really great but lately I have so much breakage (which seems to get worse and worse) that it looks like my dreads have sand in them, plus my hair is being pulled out with the root bulb still intact which adds to the dirty look.

I followed dreadheadhq maintenance routine not to a tee, but that's where I was getting my dreadlock info. Thankfully a friend told me in the beginning that wax was a huge no-no, so I only ended up applying it once. But I did palm roll religiously for about the first 6-ish months, I started getting lots of loose hair which dread head suggested a hook to pull in those loose hairs so I did that too,and I have root rubbed like crazy using the lockpeppa for the first year, and without the lockpeppa until about 1 month ago (right when I hit the 2 year mark).Plus a used a hook to add in extensions when my dreads were 6 months old, which I was able to pull out 2 months ago because they were so damaged they were breaking off on there own.

I have dyed my dreads a few times, bleached them, then dyed them again, but I did go to cosmetology school so I know how to dye hair without causing extensive damage.

My dreads now look horrible I'm on the verge of tears and on the fence about cutting them off to start over! I wish I had found this website a long time ago , it could save me a huge amount of heartache.

Shame on them for misleading naive people who just want beautiful dreads.

Trae Davis
04/29/14 09:58:57AM @trae-davis:

Oh ,I did forget this little tibit,myfirst shipment was damaged and no wax. I paid extra for vegan wax. When I contacted them they sent no kit, but two waxes, one regular one vegan!!!I really believe the universe stepped in and saved me so much grieve. It was after talking to SE and this site, I knew I was home!!! Love to all....

Trae Davis
04/29/14 09:46:17AM @trae-davis:

I wanted dreads sooo bad that when I looked for information, I found both DHHQ and KB. Chose DHHQ and ordered kit. I guess karma intervened because my kit arrived damaged. While I was waiting for it to be reshipped(returned on my dime)a friend I met at a festival sent me to SE. and Dreadlockssite. After SE answered all my questions, I sent back the kit. including the second mistake they made because instead of Vegan Wax they sent no kit just two waxes???I knew I was sending everything back. So again per their instructions, I with the help of the postmaster, sent the kit and the mistakes back. This was the week before Thanksgiving. I was told it takes two billing cycles to get a refund back into your account . I continued to look at DHHQ FB page, and found at least a dozen complaints from people who could not reach them, broken kits, orders not filled. Like me they were told new crew in shipping that they used people to worked for them who needed to transition into society. One question I saw on their page was a gal who was having trouble with wax, but after more than two weeks, they never answered her. I sent her to ask SE. I was removed from DHHQFB. By mid January no refund. When I contacted them, I was told they had nofile of me or a return. I went back to the postmaster, and he assured me there was no way it was not delivered. I lost almost $65-70 on the kits and postage to return their mistake.I know that this happens but I park cars and make little money that I can waste. Only good is I never used the kit. STAY AWAY from DHHQ Service is bad, products are worse!!!!!!

02/01/14 04:36:30PM @phil3:

I used a dread kit I bought on line like 5 years ago by Knotty boy. The dreads were nice but the wax WAS VERY unnecessary. I know that now due to research and redoing them after I took them out 3 years ago. When I combed them out my hair was nasty and sticky. I would like to tell people to stay away from kits and just be patient. Each dread is as unique as a snow flake and don't hafta be perfect. I am redoing them naturally with out products this time and am VERY pleased with them.. Much love and light

Adam Thibodeau
02/23/13 11:00:20PM @adam-thibodeau:

I joined here because I have been 'lurking' over the last 3 months to see everything that I had done WRONG with my dread babies. I did start my dreads with a DHHQ dread kit. It wasn't because I was looking for the easiest way, but truly, in my naivete towards wanting to see the 'good' in people, trust etc, I was swayed by Johnny Clean's method, even though the thought of it drove my 'perfectionist' into an utter panic because I knew I wasn't going to be able to follow through with the 'suggested' maintenance; I have a job and a family and life to live. It seemed like I would have to give those up for at least the first year to have the dreads I wanted to have.

I didn't want dreads because of a fashion statement, or because I thought I was going through some kind of crisis. Quite the opposite. I have wanted dreads for a VERY long time. Dreading my hair was like a coming home moment, a missing piece of my puzzle fell into place if you will. Dreads for me were going to be a part of me, and when something is a part of you, you just kind of know how to take care of it (for the most part).

I sectioned and back combed my hair with all my favorite tunes. However, the first time I attempted to put wax in my hair, I was recoiling. I tried to take it out with Dawn dish soap after two days (saw the ring on my jacket collar....GROSS!!). I figured, people have been dreading oh for say...thousands of years...don't think I will die with out wax. But the perfectionist said 'try it again, maybe you were wrong, after all so many people swear by it. Another two days of YUCK...and I washed out out as best I could with Dawn and super hot water. I barely scraped the top of the jar of wax, but it was enough to make me panic about mold and dirt. A thought hit me...dreads have been around...forever..pretty sure I don't need wax..ok, in the garbage it went.

Then came the death of the regime. Palm rolling, dread balling, poking holes in your dreads to pull loose hair through. Perhaps I was not coordinated enough (I can type 100+ wpm) but I couldn't stick a hook through my dread? Really? Something told me not to fight it and I put that away. I took out the bands after about three weeks, because guess what? My hair still wanted to connect together anyway and so I was already separating it naturally (careful not to pull it out at the root etc).

By this time I was looking to other sites looking for encouragement and information because I already knew that I didn't want what DHHQ was selling anymore. It was just too complicated to have dreads, too forced, too unnatural. My pride was naturally a little stung when I found this site and all the other information against DHHQ...not because I had started my dreads that way, but because I was wondering how the heck I missed THIS site?? I got conned...all by myself...

I came to a level of acceptance and understanding with my dread babies after the first 4 weeks and just let them do what they were supposed to. I used the Wax B Gone from the site here, two times, and it feels like I got it all out. I even went so far as to split one (I hate being the kid who missed a direction somewhere and did it wrong) to make sure I didn't have anything growing in there.

Now, I could be really ticked off at DHHQ, but the fact is, a snake oil salesman is a snake oil salesman. It's my job to be more guarded and ask more questions and not ignore the obvious...(HELLOOOO....WAX!) and not get caught up in what seems like a good thing but really isn't. Johnny Clean will continue to sell his wares, but at the end of the day, he has to live with himself (or not, depending on how much denial he is in) and I am here....with happy healthy natural dreadies who just want the best for everyone. And who gives the best? Why mother nature of course! So...thank you all for being here and sharing your experiences and helping others like myself find the path!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/22/13 01:56:30AM @soaring-eagle:

Kayla Moon
02/21/13 02:36:14PM @kayla-moon:

I had used the dreadheadhq dread kit about 10 years ago. My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) helped me with the whole backcombing and rubberbanding process. By the time she was done I looked a lot like Sideshow Bob...then we waxed them and I looked exactly like Sideshow Bob.

The wax was gross, it would get on my pillow and on my face when I slept and the shampoo made my scalp really dry and itchy. Anything and everything would attach to my hair and I constantly had lint and whatever else in my hair. I lasted about 6 months with their process and decided to brush my "dreads" out. The brushing out wasn't hard since they never started to lock up. The problem though came from the wax, I couldn't get it out. I ended up cutting my hair just to make the removal of the wax easier.

I really cannot say one good thing about dreadheadhq. They are extremely misleading and sell a bunch of junk in order to turn a quick buck. Stay away at all cost.

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