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My dread story as of now

8 years ago
20 posts

I guess there is alot of stories already but hopefully some or something benefitial can come out of it.

It started with just random thoughts about getting some unique hairstyle as i was tired of just having my middle long hair. I was gonna travel to Costa Rica for 6 months to work as a volunteer and i thought dreads would be cool as it is a tropical enviroment and all that, they prob has alot of dreadz. Found out that alot had it on the coast and i started to fell in love with dreads but my hair was kinda to short i felt. But then i decided to get them, i was in a big mall in San Jose the captial called San Pedro and found a store that made dreads. I didnt have a clue on how to make them or anything so the guy started teasing my hair alittle with a comb, then he found some thread and started twisting it around my hair to tighten it up, i thought it was alittle weird but he looked like he knew what he was doing. He did all my hair and it was freaking painfull and the resaults was extremely tight ugly looking dreads i was not happy at all but i had heard dreads needed time to look guud... he said to come back in 2 months for maintenance.. i could barely sleep that night from the pain because the roots were so tight, my hair itched like hell also.. after like 3 weeks they started to feel alittle better but still looked crapy.. then some time passed by and the threads started to losen and normal hair came out, like not dreaded at all.. i came back and the dick head replaced all my threads and put freaking glue, not wax pure glue at random spots on my dreads, oh wait did i say dreadz, more like hair traped inside threads and glue lol... the threads stayed on but when i came home they started to losen up and my hair looked like shit.. i was pissed but i desperatly wanted dreads so i visited a local hair saloon called Afro house and asked for help.. she was like wtf has he done to your hair these arnt dreads, they cant even breathe.. so she spent about 1 hour taking it all out with a knife cutting the threads and washing my hair twice to get the shitty glue out... I asked her to make real dreads on me and she started to section my hair, after that i got a dreadperm wich smelled like acid and itched like hell... then she started backcoombing as she twisted the hair i didnt feel a thing it was very slacky combing.. and ofcourse after that she found the wax and used alot on all my dreads making them look kinda good in my eyes back then.. this was very expensive as she said i had to buy special shampoo and the wax.. i used to wax every week for liek 1 month after a wash,, it felt sticky and always after my showers the dreads would almost fall out, only thing that held them together was the wax..i got tired and went back and she backcoombed it ALL over again and put THAT FUCKING NASTY wax on again and told me to rewax after washes,, so i did, but the resaults were the same.. then i washed them twice and it was all back to loose hair.. i decided to make them myself as all others had failed so i searched youtube and learnt some backcommbing techniques and used a platisc comb, i used her old sections and also made them thicker something i wanted her to do but she said i wouldnt look so good with thick dreads they all needed to 1 inch squares.. what a hag,, so i spent one week backcommbing with alot of pain and hard work.. but finaly my dreads looked like dreads and didnt fall out after wash.. however i was stupid enough to put some wax in.. i alos used croche hook ALOT to went crazy on my hair probably damaging it for life sadly.. they are 5 months now and are doing ok, as i after noticing this site have been using alot of baking soda to get rid of the shitty wax at the roots ( yes its still there, johny clean is a manipulating scum bag, god i hate his face ) Now its repair time, meaning doing nothing letting my beloved puberty dreads doing theire own thing and washing it atleast twice a week as i still have nightmares about wax in my dreads...

I love dreadloocks and i love the fact that i came over this site as i feel much more confident with my dreads when stopping maintaining and damaging them,

Sorry for wall of text, but hey what can ya do

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8 years ago
39 posts

sorry you had to go through all that. hopefully it taught you to research though :)

good luck with recovery and hope you enjoy your journey

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,332 posts

wow thats alotta mistakes and proohf that salons and locticians all suck i moved this to saved dreads stories akltho the savings still in prigress

but your on the right track after being screwed over by so called pros

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7 years ago
20 posts

i went with the natural not doing a thing for 2 months, i actually saw some progress and it felt better.. however, my chroceted parts are just totally screwed, so many broken hairs you can actually see it from the outside... i looked at my roots they feel like shit, and i started riping them apart, and i found wax in there i riped sum dreads apart and it was all sticky... i now face the fact that my dreads are a lost cause, im not gonna bother trying to remove it tho i have no doubt that ur methods could get away some of the nasty shit... I am not happy with them, and i will not risk 3 years of dreading as a resault of having to cut, or finding out that it hasnt dreaded properly...

I really feel the anger building up, as i love dreads so much even my own waxy ones.. i have spent soooo much time on these.. and now i have to rip them apart because of this shitty useless chemical waste...

I shall wash the hair 20 times with all kinds of different soaps... and then go with neglect...

shitty fucking wax

7 years ago
20 posts
I meant take them out and then wash.. im really glad i did it, wax build up everywhere.. I got some hair with wax in a box and a dread i cut off with wax gonna go and confront the place where i made them... for them to do this to others is unacceptable, regardless of wether they are aware of the horror it causes or not
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