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emergency rescue for permed dreads!

9 years ago
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the protein treatment will really help your hair feel like hair again in the best case scenario, much love from a fellow perm victim! XD
(i hope you find some comfort in the fact that mine now look and feel healthy, after the protein treatment twice over a few months, and being very gentle to them. i find a scalp massage and intermittently running your hands down the length of your dreads can also help, as as far as I know, the oils from your scalp that help protect your hair don;t get to the ends when you have dreads as it's like a hair maze for the oil to pass through. so giving it a hand in that sense too can help keep the hair fed with nourishment from your scalps natural oils (plus it feels niiiiice). hopefully shouldn;t be too long and you can relax a bit xx

Ari Rudenko said:

I know it was really uninformed... i just wanted a little help really with loose hairs, and had no time to think once i got there. One of those things that happens in a moment and your regretting it every day since then. Ya hopefully this stuff will ship to indonesia

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