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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/13 10:50:09PM @soaring-eagle:

theres been so many dreads lost to wax i wanted to fill 2 semis 1 to sent to knottyboy 1 to dhhq and burry both shops in sa mountain of cut dreads

ღHippie Loveღ
02/26/13 10:46:35PM @hippie-love:

Welcome and Happy Dreading.

Always, Hippie Love

the Barrellady
02/26/13 10:45:52PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to your second journey, Peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/13 10:30:44PM @soaring-eagle:

well thats all you dreadies jobs

word of mouth is why nearly 1/2 the trafic to the site weearches us by name

ofcourse a good percebtage searching dreadheadhq or kbnottyboy end up on our reviews page and ofcourse they are all pretty bad reviews

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/13 10:12:36PM @soaring-eagle:

oh wauit yoir 4 years in so yea ..aloes ok to use semi regularly to keep them soft and healthy

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/13 10:09:48PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome glad u didnt continue using the crochet

aloes well it conditions it shrinks as it dries so pulls loose hairs in but since its conditioning its actualy loosening (but if you have african type hair the conditionings essential the treantments nealy oposite)

castile soaps might build up in hard water u might not have hard water at home so its ok but go on a trip anduse it u might really cause a gunky buildup in a hurry

Nina Anna-Rosa Hvit Rose
03/18/13 12:27:14PM @nina-anna-rosa-hvit-rose:

Nice dreads man!

03/10/13 09:24:50PM @tony2:

Welcome and Happy Dreading.

Always, Hippie Love

Cristen Mae
03/10/13 03:55:35PM @beckbeck:

So glad i joined this site today! Im just going to leave them from now on to do their own thing, watched too many of the wrong videos and read all the wrong things. Didn't realize that i was causing so much damage to my hair. Thanks for the advice people i really appreciate it as there isnt many people i can find over here to ask questions about dreadlocks. Thanks :D:D

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
03/10/13 03:23:27PM @tyler-chidester:

Fa'ilte a chur roimh Ashey. Your dreads suit you and your musician lifestyle. If you want to keep them for life, you should listen to Soaring Eagle who's had his dreads for more than 22 years. Crochet hooks are extremely dangerous to the life span of dreads. The hook breaks the hairs in little pieces inside the dread, eventually causing it to fall or break off. Keep 'em natural now, just maintain by washing and separating. You will see little hairs popping out all over, that is from the hook, I hope you don't have the urge for a hook to put them back in because more damaged broken hairs will result and it is a temporary fix which only causes slow death of dreads.

If you just want your dreads for a couple of years, then go for it, that way you have instant dreads. But dude, your gonna love 'em and want them for ages, if not life.


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