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Twisty Ties??

Angel Frye
5 years ago
409 posts

I did a half-updo with three knots + a tiny section of a twist tie in the knot itself.

The knot itself was too big to wrap the twistie tie around(the small piece was using, since I only had one long black one that I chopped up into three pieces.) so I tied a knot and then slipped in the end of the twistie tie into the 'hole' of the knot itself and twisted it around the upper/second folded over section. Like, the second step of making a knot, ya ken? If you look close you can see the black twistie tie in the the top knot. The other two below it are a little hard to find.

updated by @angel-frye: 07/22/15 07:42:15AM
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