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Natural Dreadlock Progression From 5-6 Inches Of Hair - A Dready Timeline - By Castaway Jesus

5 years ago
4 posts

This time line is Epic, such a metamorphosis,It's almost as if you're aura changed , and outer skin changed too! this is beautiful, peace out x

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Castaway J
5 years ago
585 posts

Update: 2 years :)) Thank you all for the kind words and love <3

Castaway J
5 years ago
585 posts

Thank you so much Heidi! Yes I have put the work in. People say this to me from time to time also its awesome :)

Vanessa Ashley
5 years ago
6 posts

One of my fav posts ever! Great!!! Your dreads look awesome!

Jamison Johnston3
4 years ago
64 posts
So inspiring! Thank you for posting this! I am also starting my journey at about six inches. It is sometimes discouraging, but this really shows that they will end up beautiful and natty. Jah bless!
Heidi Jensen
4 years ago
3 posts

Gorgeous dreads! <3 This is a little bit amazing, I was looking through the pictures on your timeline, and I suddenly feel this chill/rush out of nowhere running through my spine and crown. I scrolled up to read about the picture, and that's where you've freaking written that you can see 'kundalini' coming out of your head!!! Woah. <3 ^_^ :)
Peace and Joy :) Thanks for sharing your journey.

Ausaaf Kherani
4 years ago
9 posts
I love thos post!!!Truely inspiring!!Look forward to mydreads nw! ;)
4 years ago
3 posts
Fantastic man, you and your dreads look happier in each picture. I've recently started with hair of similar length and was worried about them shrinking too much but as I can see I will be just fine.Much love!
Rheana Hayes
4 years ago
26 posts

Thanks for showing the progress so diligently!

4 years ago
200 posts

I am so in love with your timeline <3 So inspiring! Beautiful!

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