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Starting my locs! Couple Qs

10 years ago
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Hello all, I'm going to back comb tonight. I have very thick, curly hair. Any pointers? Wax, no wax? How should I wash my hair before I start? What is acv? Any detail big or small would be appreciated. Thanks !!
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10 years ago
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no wax no wax no wax no9 wax no waxok u got that?other then thattwist and rips probly better then backcombingandacv apple cider vinageralso random sectioning gives a more natural lookbutnatural beats all other methods so u might wanna try natural b4 deciding to backcomb or twist and rip

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10 years ago
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Yeah no wax!:)ACV is apple cider vinegar. It's used as a rinse after you wash with baking soda. It's conditioning and neutralizes the baking soda. It's a great way to wash and leaves no residues.If you backcomb to it gently but firmly and thoroughly. If it hurts then you're doing it too hard. Section it comfortably(especially the top). and make sure you don't cross hairs in separate dreads.
10 years ago
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Well, first things first...backcombing is something that definitely helps. But seriously, only do it that first time and then if you must, only once in a great while. Honestly, I got into the habit of backcombing ALL the time and they didnt make much progress. My comb actually broke and so i left it and theyve tightened up SO much since I've left them alone. You're hair is going to look all kinds of funky for a bit, It gets better I promise. I know most everyone on here is against the rubberband thing but if you section your hair (NOT in straight rows...kinda scattered..think of how the dreads wll lay down on each other) and rubberband the sections, it really helps. Alot. My friend had super thick hair and it was totally unmanageable until I stuck a couple bands in. Also a wool tam works wonders. I sleep in mine and its helped SO much. I hope this helped a little bit! Let us know how it goes :)
10 years ago
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