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Problem with separating really... combined scalp.

Corey Benjamin
10 years ago
2 posts
Alright, I have had my dreads for a little over 3 months, and everything is going absolutely fine except for the back of my head. I never really messed with the back of my head when I was starting, and didn't really realize this problem until relatively recently. It seems, from a lack of separation, the hair on almost the whole back of my head has become closely gathered and matted close to my scalp, and is starting to form one big uni-dread. The problem is that it is so far gone, that i can not pull or rip them apart for the life of me. It is a problem for me, it is way too big for me to be comfortable with. I was thinking about trying to wiggle my fingers through and loosen it to the best of my abilities, and then maybe making small, precise cuts with a small pair of scissors and then ripping them apart if possible. But it is in such a bad area, I have no way of seeing what I'm doing. I plan on asking my mother to help me. I kinda noticed it all after i realized that the length of the hair on the back of my head had shrunk, a lot. So before I resort to cutting because I know its bad for dreads, does anyone have any ideas as for what else I can possibly do about it?Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and thank you beforehand.
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Shuaib ahmed
10 years ago
154 posts
just play about with it and try to loosen up the hairs. I did my first oen like a week ago and quite a bit of hairs fell out because it was my first time at it. I did another congo a couple of days ago and it wasn't that bad, i took my time and played about and not as many hairs ripped. dont cut it, you might mess it up. just try and loosen it up with your fingers, try to find parts which arent as locked up and try opening from there and dont pull too hair because hairs might fall luck
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,444 posts
use olive oil on the joining hairzs (wet hair 1st too wet hairs easier to rip)olive oil will help loosen it up make it easier to seperateand then seperate more often

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

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Corey Benjamin
10 years ago
2 posts
Thanks guys(and gal). I'm going to try and do it without cutting it later on tonight.
10 years ago
751 posts
Also you can try separating from the root down. Instead of just grabbing dreads and splitting the which sometimes just makes the knots go up higher. Find which hairs belong to which dread at the roots, put two fingers in and start separating. When I separate tough ones this is usually a little easier :)
10 years ago
63 posts
u can always cut most the thing off like an undercut and ur dreads will look fine
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