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Baking Soda

11 years ago
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Online I saw an article that was saying that baking soda can be damaging to the hair due to its high acidity. Will this be detrimental to my hair in the longterm use? Also On top of my head I noticed, not quite a bald spot, but it seems like a kind of spiral between about three points of hair groups so it is showing my scalp, is this normal when the hair is starting to section and it will show areas of the scalp kind of like balding but not actually balding, just showing more scalp then usual?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
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thats funny since baking soda is alkaline not acidic

the only page that ever said its bad that im aware of is or something since chlorine and baking soda are alkaline the combo makes it way too alkaline

but since hairs meant to be slightly acidic thats why its so important to always use acv after bs

but oily hairs too acidic thats why you temporarily skip acv till its less acidic

baking soda isnt as healthy ads dreadlockshampoo i found that out after 4 years of use and my hair seemed pretty weakened but once i switched to dreadlockshampoo it was strong and healthy as ever

its true that you shouldnt use baking soda after swiming in chlorinated water

acv however is good after chlorine

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