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sections combining at the root! What to do??

Bob Ngarly
11 years ago
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Have you all had any sections of your dreads combine?

Ive got a few sections that were made sloppily and they are trying to congo at the root. pulling them apart doesnt solve the problem that she sections are grown together. It just separates them up the dread but the root is still conjoined so i have to continuously pull them apart. Its like having one dread that has hair coming into it from two different sections, or one section of hair producing two different dreads im not sure which one. lol all i know is that my sections are not clean and i feel like i have a truly matted mess of hair on my scalp that just happens to have about 4-5 dreads coming out of it. I have thought about using a rat tail comb to create more defined sections but am partly lazy and partly afraid to undue progress. I really don't like the feeling of my hair creating a net on my scalp and prefer the feeling of having clean sections like the way most of mine are. If i leave it alone will I have to constantly seperate them from one another? I know that there should be hair between the dreads but can it be excessive? What should i do???

Have any of you had this problem and solved it and if so how??


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
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you onluy need to seperate the hairs going up the dread over time as you seperate they will sort themselves out

its completely normal

if u watch babas vid on seperating he explains it well

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
11 years ago
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Yes, watch Babas videos. I have let several smaller locs congo together, the rest I separate. If the sections are wonky maybe you should start over and go natural so they dreads will be where they are ment to be on your head? Beads sometimes help keep things tidy. Know that as your locs mature you wont have to section as much. Good luck and blessings too you!

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