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Question about first weeks after T&R

10 years ago
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Hi everyone! I'm a almost at 2 weeks on my dread journey and I've been having a little bit of an issue with some of my babies in the back (near the nape of my neck) getting loose and a few toward the crown of my heard clumping together at the roots. Is this normal? It really only started happening after I slept with my hair up. Should I stop doing that? And is it okay to just rip/pop the combined dreads apart since its only a couple hairs near the root and not the whole dread?

Thanks so much. <3


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10 years ago
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I wouldn't sleep with your hair up definitely. Sleeping on your hair during the dreading process actually helps it along, so let those babies fly! As for pulling them apart, gently try to tug them apart from one another and see if they don't just let go. If it feels like hair might break or its too far stuck to one another, use your fingers to take only a few strands at a time and gently pull them apart from where they are clinging.

Also, its normal for TnR to come loose. Check out my timeline. :P Yours might not come almost completely out like mine did, however. But it is necessary for dreads to loosen and tighten as they mature. Hope this helps!

10 years ago
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Thanks so much. :) I didn't realize T&R would come undone as much as it has, but after the initial set up I was hoping to just let them do their own thing. Guess that works out. And thanks for the advice on sleeping with them down.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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dont sleep with it up yes its normal and yea rip them often when wet

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