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question about section shape at roots.

Luke Passalinqua
10 years ago
8 posts

hello again! i posted my 8 month update in the user timeline section last week. im getting some really good progress i think. i have a question/concern regarding the section shape at the roots. ive been getting this sort of effect only near the top of my head, because of the way my hair grows/follicles are oriented. it grows at an angle toward the front of my head, so basically pointed down in front of me. since i part my hair from the top, off center, ive noticed around this area my sections at the roots are long, and thin. ive attached a quick paint drawing. i am talking about letter A.

letter B shows a blue peice, which is where if laying, or being pulled by a hand or gravity or whatever, this is the boundaries of where most of the tension would be. the red arrows show that at these points, near the end, since there is less hair, and thus less surface area ratio, to spread out the tension on the scalp, i fear at some point especially when longer, and especially when wet, there will be alot of tension on these weak points, and possible cause some irritation and/or damage. i was wondering if anyone would advise splitting these down the middle, like where the red line is, in attempt to equalize the tension, and make them more like the rest of my dreads, as in letter C.

the only reason im asking i guess, since ive split some like this before, is because they are fairly well sectioned at this point, while still in the early phases, i dont want to go back too far in terms of progress. but also, i dont want to get too far, and have it be a problem and have it be difficult to fix later.

anyone else get this effect/think its a good idea?

updated by @luke-passalinqua: 01/13/15 09:58:57PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,629 posts

that sketch six no offence

i had to read it and look t the sketch like 5 times to barely have a clue what you mean

i would say its perfectly fine hoewever not knowing the sizes i cant be sure


post a photo not a scribble

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
10 years ago
173 posts

I would probably let it be, though your idea does make sense.

Chris C.2
10 years ago
12 posts

I think I understand what you mean. I had a dread like that too which was too well formed to split in half, so i just pulled out the hairs from the dread that gave it more tension. I was also careful not to rip my hair. So far its good, although really flat but it should fix itself. If they arent too well formed you could just split it in half like you said, or leave it alone but take care of the tension causing hairs.

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