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what do you say to people who believe dreads=not washing myth

Muruga Das
10 years ago
6 posts
Well my Baby mama uploaded a pic of me and my daughter and I gave her a dreadstache. Couple friends of hers commented that it was unsanitary.Of course this is not the first I have heard such non sense. I explain to people dreads are like rope and that putting soap and water on rope doesn't degrade the rope. Half of the times they believe me and the other half are set in their mythical ways.So what do you say to people who believe this non sense. Dreads are no different than straight hair in the fact that some are clean and others not. Of course Waxers, salan, and uneducated naive people also help keep the myth alive. I know 10 years ago I didn't wash my hair and after about a month I got tired of having grease stains that I just gave up and washed my hair.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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i dont say nothin i just stick a hand full of dreads under their nose and keep it there till they sniff

well depends on the situation doingthat to strangers on the subway might not turn out too good

most people you can just say yea oi wash them in fact its washing that makes them dread


some people will never change thier views no matter what

you could take a shower with them have them watch you wash your dreads even help you and that still wont convince them they still will insist dreads are never washed and cant be those type people you just have no other choice but to call them an idiot and laugh at their ignorance

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la Renarde
10 years ago
54 posts

When it happens, I simply tell people this is a myth. That I do wash my hair and that this is the best way to grow dreads. Usually, they trust me and then ask more questions about my dreadlocks. I know I've been really lucky with people so far, but I think sincerity and simple truth is the better way to go about it. And if they don't believe you, what more can you do? Just ignore it and try not taking it personally.

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