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Karin Mizopalko
5 years ago
6 posts
My Dreadlocks are almost two months old now and they are dreading up so quickly! I just have a question/problem. My hair is naturally curly and mixed textured. The underneath is extremely coarse and curly, and I have this knot ball on the back of my head at the hairline and it's also happening on the left side of my head but not as badly. Will the knot ball go away over time or should I comb it out a little and re-tnr? I've tried binding them but it either slips out or my hair starts eating it after a couple days.
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5 years ago
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I think I know what you mean. Some of mine have done that too. How big is the section? If it is too big, which is a personal choice anyway, you could try and comb it out. It will become a normal rope like dread in time anyway. This is one of mine that started as a ball. peace

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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what to do depends on how big it is

nothing at all if its not huge but if its too big too unconfortab;e or seems like it will be a prob in the future (not just looking funny) then id concider interviening

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My dreads are over 9 feet long

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

With my dreads, the bottoms do what they want to do. I tried combing out a couple of ends that did what yours did, but it just balled up again. That happens sometimes if the T&R was done too tight and does not loosen up to dread. That is why you will find neglect dreads usually don't have those balls on the ends. By the time your dreads are mature, the ends will tighten up, not looking like they do now. So many stages happen during the journey, so don't worry too much. ...peace

Karin Mizopalko
5 years ago
6 posts
Thank you for the replies! What I believe happened was that since my hair is super curly underneath, it just folded over itself and now it's a clump that's about two inches long, an inch wide with about two inches of undreaded hair at the root. The dread on the right side of my head did the same thing but the clump isn't as bad. I apologize for not having photos to show you, I'm using my phone and I don't know how or if I can upload them. The good news is that I have an almost full dreadlock. He's about three inches long with about two inches of undreaded root. I named him Colby :-)
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