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Natural Dreadlock Progression From 5-6 Inches Of Hair - A Dready Timeline - By Castaway Jesus

Castaway J
5 years ago
588 posts

Thanks :D more to come!

Hannah Wright said:

Awesome timeline!

updated by @castaway-j: 07/22/15 08:46:45AM
Castaway J
5 years ago
588 posts

Thank you for your kind words and making me smile even bigger :D

courtneyNZ said:

your dreads are truly inspiring and loved seeing this timeline

you have very striking eyes

all the best to you!

Castaway J
5 years ago
588 posts

Thank you much Little!

Little said:

Fantastic Timeline.
Castaway J
5 years ago
588 posts

Thanks Heather! Everything is awesome :)

Heather Barbee said:


Diego F.
5 years ago
73 posts

Really amazing!

5 years ago
14 posts

Wow! Seeing your timeline has given me such inspiration to continue my dread have beautiful and amazing locks!

Hannah :)
5 years ago
21 posts

you look FANTASTIC with dreads! :)

5 years ago
8 posts

Such an inspirational timeline - and a great one to assist in explaining the stages of the natural dreadlocking process to a newbie. Great stuff.

Also, it never ceases to amaze me how much better some people look with locks. I feel so shallow saying this, but... I doubt I would even have looked twice at you before, but with the locks ... I don't know, you look comfortable and like you belong.

Bob Ngarly
5 years ago
163 posts

Man you look really good going through your natural progression. You dont look messy or really ever go through that ugly stage that most go through. Keep It up!

5 years ago
108 posts

So awesome! Love your timeline and your locks are gorgeous. Look forward to your next update :D

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