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1 year Dread-versary

Mariah Chan
9 years ago
3 posts

Wow congradulations! One year is a very long time, I admire your effort and dedication to the dreads :)

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9 years ago
8 posts
Love how you mention "letting go of your vanity and embracing the mess." that is really the truth of it and one of my favorite things about my dread. i stopped worrying about perfection. it was something that i used to stress alot when it came to my hair. since i got dread that weight and worry has disappeared. i love the mess on my head. all dread need is patience and love. :0)
9 years ago
102 posts

I guess I'm a little late coming to this but omg you called him Johnny lockboy xD I died laughing.

Star Gryphon
9 years ago
190 posts

so awesome! happy one year!

Princess Kay
9 years ago
47 posts

happy one year from me too!

yes...patients a lot for this jorney ..... and is not my strongest point!!

but i ll try to keep reading you guys here and so realize tht i am not lone ;)

Supa Dread
9 years ago
100 posts

@xephyre, right back at ya, @ sarah smile :-) @ mariah chan, thank you, but one year is only a tiny amount of time when you look at it, specially if you're intending on having them forever.@krazykabel agree 100%, its all about patience and letting go of vanity. @rose, i guess what i meant is, he's so irrelevant to me that i dont even know his name...and @ everyone thank ya'll for responding to my post and showing support, i hope all ya'll journeys are fruitful and rewarding. Bless

8 years ago
1 posts
I also fell for the crap they rave about. Won't be putting anything in my dreadies ever again! Natural dreads are the happiest type! :)
¯\_(ツ)_/¯  † 
8 years ago
6 posts

Thank you for this post! I love reading about other peoples journeys and how their hair is working out for them now!

8 years ago
44 posts

this is exactly the kind of feedback I've been looking for!! I'm ordering the Wax B Gone next thursdy when I get paid!! Thanx for sharing your story!!

Michelle Malone
8 years ago
6 posts
Idk what to do!! I'm doing my dreads for the second time around. After shaving myself bald a year ago, I grew a Afro and let my best friend talk me into letting her put a texturizing kit on it. It came out uneven. Now I'm trying to dread this mess. I recently sectioned it off and rubber band it to get it to start coming together. But Idk. I may have to shave my head again or wait until this grows out. Any suggestions anyone??? :-(
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