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Just plain mean

5 years ago
89 posts
Yeah some people don't accept women with dreads, different cultures.
updated by @javalizard: 07/22/15 08:12:55AM
the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

I guess it depends how you look at it . Some people see a glass 1/2 empty, others 1/2 full. I do not see mixed race people as black, I see them as mixed, so yes, in my eyes it is racist. Do I have family members that fit into that catagory?.....Yes I do, and they are both to me...not just Black, not just White, they are a beautiful blend together. That is my personal perception. (Please take no offense) Peace

An example off the top of my head, actor Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is of mixed race, and I do not think of him as Black only

JavaLizard said:

Just wow.
I understand feeling hurt by it, but what he said wasn't racist. And in America Bob is black, as a mixed race guy with mix raced kids, we are black. Racism and stereotypes are a hard thing to live with. In his round about way he was simply saying whites don't look good with dreads. Blacks didn't look good with the high cut flat top. (That was a horrible phase) he was simply pointing out a look, perception.

As a black person, who is mixed but since we live in America I'm black, I'm very accepting. But just because someone says whites shouldn't have dreads, doesn't make them racist. I bet he would say Mexicans, Asians, and others if he ran into them. It sounds like he runs into the familiar rich white kid wanting to rebel. It is more a social type casting. It is annoying yes, like when my white niece is like, dude grow a fro, yeah you'd look awesome with a fro.

The Hippie Circle
5 years ago
34 posts
Yeouch! Point taken JavaLizard! :) I can deal with the name calling way better than sticks and stones.Though I much prefer thai sticks and stoners... :D
5 years ago
89 posts
I wish people saw it your way, but in reality non racist people are not the norm. Most people carry some stigma with them. I don't see myself as anything but the years of people calling me nigger, police stopping me for driving in certain neighborhood. That made me more race sensitive. People always ask me, since I moved around a lot and now am military, where I want to live when we retire. I want to live in Guyana, that was the first place in my life I was never judged by my skin.
5 years ago
89 posts
totally, violence is never great, so just hang with people who get baked.

The Hippie Circle said:
Yeouch! Point taken JavaLizard! :) I can deal with the name calling way better than sticks and stones.

Though I much prefer thai sticks and stoners... :D
5 years ago
92 posts

That actually made me laugh. They have really really deep issues. And I really feel bad for them. lmao

5 years ago
8 posts

White people, black people, asian people, mixed people.All just people. : )

5 years ago
133 posts

OK I have thought that about coloured people 'why can't we just let them have the look of dreadlocks' Being a professional hairdresser for 30 years i have been doing alot of coloured peoples hair and many or most of them have wanted their hair blonded, straightened, thinned and so many of the western styles. See this girl, she had dreadlock extensions, meaning her hair was not going to be as thick and long as she wanted, so she had them made up and i'm so happy for people that we hairdressers can make the wishes come true for people like her. Be happy that we see your dreadlock as smthing to strive for and admire on Africans, you will always hold the 'gold medal' for dreads and the Swedish people for the natural 'blonde' and the Indians for the 'longest fastest growing hair'

updated by @sweet: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
5 years ago
359 posts

I believe, that if what you are doing in any aspect of your life, is from your heart, your truth, then there is no problem. There is alot of serious hate in this world, alot of it far more damaging than opinions about hair.

peace and blessing to all

5 years ago
301 posts

fuck that guy. thats my first reaction. lol just extreme ignorance/arrogance. he speaks like hes god of nappy hair or some shit. but i cant believe how hard it is to convince people that all hair just dreads on its own. people give me this stupid look when i say "it does itself". its really hard for people to see how straight fine hair could just dread. but its because its been engrained in everyones heads that only black peoples hair can dread. im really kkinda tired of it. just a bunch of people running their mouths off about things they have never experienced. i guess that makes them an expert.

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