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Diving in with an introduction

Gemma Williams
8 years ago
8 posts


I joined here earlier in a mini crisis wondering whether I could or should have dreadlocks to be discover that I already do, they just need a little TLC and a lot of maturing.

I have found my experience today to be very liberating, when I came on here and just blurted out my ignorant noob questions I was met with a friendly and welcoming response and some great advice which has actually completely changed the way I view my hair. What was something that I didn't discuss and that I hid away under hats and bandannas only hours ago is already becoming something which I am becoming comfortable with and even excited about.

I have read some of the discussions and am genuinely taken back with how for so many people their dreadlocks are so much more than a hairstyle but a reflection of their spiritualjourneys and life paths. Just this deeper understanding to what dreadlocks can mean for the people who wear them I can see why it has become something which has naturally crept in to my life. Over the past 5 years I have been through some amazing spiritual transformations which have reshaped me in nearly every way. It seems almost silly that I have been doing dreadlock prevention and trying to rescue my neglected hair for so long. The discussions I have read today have made me see my hair as a natural progression of myjourneyto be embraced and welcomed rather than resisted.

I am looking forward to reading more of the discussions and hopefully joining in and making some new friends.

Thanks for the hospitality ;-))

Much love and peace

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8 years ago
10 posts
As your dreads grow, so will your self-confidence, wisdom, and relationships. Prepare to blossom - enjoy the ride :)
the Barrellady
8 years ago
1,302 posts

Do you know that instead of hiding under hats you will carry your mature dreads with pride. Strangers will stop you just to say how beautiful your dreads are. Your mindset has already changed for the better, you will forever after embrace your hair. Kind of like the glass is half full or half empty, all depends how you look at it...Peace

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