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I need motivation..:/

Sara Gray
5 years ago
27 posts

Thanks Goldie locks, i appreciate that. And in fact it has done just that. Ive just turned a corner in my life and its amazing to do it with such a peaceful outlook. I agree, I love this site. It is full of loving people with amazing advice for dreads and life. A truly loving community. :) thnx everyone

updated by @sara-gray: 07/13/15 11:51:31AM
jesse demato
5 years ago
24 posts
Goldielocks is right. the community is second to none. thank you SE for the opportunity to experience a site with people like this. without it I would have lost faith in humanity by now.
Rocquel Bergeron
5 years ago
4 posts
Don't do cosmetology. I have my License and its not a great job. I love doing hair but Id make min wage if I worked in a salon. It's very hard to find a decent salon owner and build clientele
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