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dreadlocks shampoo
Rocquel Bergeron


Location: Lakewood, OH
Zipcode: 44107
Country: US


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Rocquel Bergeron


Hello all!!!
@Rocquel Bergeron 8 years ago - Comments: 0

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Rocquel Bergeron
04/09/13 06:02:16PM @rocquel-bergeron:
Regularly using BS/ACV wash with success!! No more itching or dandruff and I've been able to go 3-4 days with out washing. Getting in the groove!

Rocquel Bergeron
03/22/13 03:47:08PM @rocquel-bergeron:
I finished my dreads today! Backcombing. 3/22/13!!!

Rocquel Bergeron
03/18/13 11:17:00PM @rocquel-bergeron:
I hope I'm not flakey in the am :(

Rocquel Bergeron
03/18/13 11:11:12PM @rocquel-bergeron:
Itching too intense resorted back to bs/acv wash tonight! I've been having to was every other day

Rocquel Bergeron
03/16/13 11:54:21AM @rocquel-bergeron:
I've been working hard in my own for almost 2 months! Only 8 left to make.

Rocquel Bergeron
03/14/13 11:58:26PM @rocquel-bergeron:
I'm using the tea tree & rosrmary bar now. The first wash was refreshing! Didn't spend an hour in the bathroom. My tips seemed to drip and drip, noticeably different than before with the bs/acv wash. I thought it would smell richer but that's ok that it didn't. Now I have an extremely sensitive scalp ( I'm highly allergic to hair color & ever since I had the extream reaction my scalp had been super sensitive) any way... I like the soap a lot! It's quick, It leaves a tingle after I wash & dry, It leaves my hair smelling good, and best of all it got rid of my dandruff!!!!!! I stil wake up after a night of washing with this intense itch. (part of my sensitive scalp issues. Everything I put on my scalp eventualy irritates it. ugh) With the dreadlockshampo bar seems like once I get past trying not to scratch it, it goes away. Its just hard not to scrach it. I hate my scalp/skin! Btw the bs/acv doesn't give me the itch as bad... But I was getting horrible dandruff! ps is there an amount of time I should let the bar soap sit on my scalp for? And maybe I could make an essential oil spray for localized itching? But can that sit on my scalp for several days?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/05/13 10:53:49PM @soaring-eagle:

yea teatrwa rosemarys great well i turn the hor up just enough to make it coldish but not freezing in winter summer i make it colder

u dont gotta torture yourself

u asked bi=out an app too theres 2 tapatalk for ning networks for iphones but it doesnt give access to the forums right then theres an android alpp wich is basicly alot like the sites mobuile site wich is

Rocquel Bergeron
03/05/13 09:15:45PM @rocquel-bergeron:
And I used water as cold as I could. I live in Ohio and cold showers right now are like a punishment!!! :)

Rocquel Bergeron
03/05/13 09:14:49PM @rocquel-bergeron:
I ordered the dreadlocks bar soap!!!! I wanted a liquid but I got the bar bc it was teatree & rosemary and that's the one you suggested. So bars are ok for new b's?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/04/13 12:30:22AM @soaring-eagle:

if u usd hot water switch to cold

u can try the teatree rosemary bars from nothing has ecer worked as well for me

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